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LED lighting industry flourishes in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-28
At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the overall market was in the doldrums, but the LED industry showed a good trend against the current. After a round of cruel market baptism, the LED industry in 2014 has completely surpassed last year's prosperity and is full of vitality. Industry Chain information shows the future 3 ~ LED lighting will be popularized on a large scale in 5 years, the production capacity of the industry will move from a small surplus to a tight balance, and the price will stabilize, thus realizing a real LED lighting revolution. [Img] /Uploads/allimg/140314/14-140314153124133. Jpg [/Img] According to LEDinside prediction 2014 LED lighting product shipments is 2013 will have 68 of growth. Among them, the growth rate in North America is expected to reach 72, and the growth rate of LED lighting products in mainland China will reach 86. 5%. At the same time, with the support of policies, the progress of domestic LED manufacturers will be significantly accelerated, and a new situation may be opened in terms of industrial integration and technological progress. From the perspective of certainty, the organization generally believes that the LED lighting industry will grow in 2014 and the penetration rate will enter a stage of sharp rise, so it is optimistic about the growth of the LED industry. LED lighting market is a large market with a level of, which is expected to maintain a wave of 3 ~ 4-year big cycle opportunity. After the LED industry has experienced unfavorable situations such as oversupply of production capacity and serious decline in gross profit margin caused by rapid decline in prices in the past few years, with the price falling to a certain extent and the ban on the sale of incandescent lamps taking effect, stimulating the rapid rise of LED general demand, LED corporate profits are expected to enter a fast rising channel.
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