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LED industry strives for innovation

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-25
As 2013 is about to pass, new enterprises that entered the LED industry with a passion will begin to find that improving product quality is still one of the industry's difficult problems, duplication of some aspects of standards and lack of some aspects are still the shackles of industry development. The price war has LED to slight profits and low quality. At present, although the LED industry is in the war era of the law of the jungle and vassal disputes, the expansion of the market scale has become an inevitable trend. According to the new report of relevant scientific research institutions in the United States, from this year to 2019, the LED lighting market will grow at a rate of per year, it is expected to grow from US $4. 8 billion in 2012 to US $42 billion in 2019. At present, there are many related bidding projects in the country, and more LED lighting products are certified by enterprises, thus the vigorous development momentum of the industry can be predicted. Xie Zhijun, Lighting Electrical department of China Quality Certification Center, said in an interview with reporters from China Economic Herald. However, although the orders in the hands of enterprises have increased dramatically, the fierce price war almost runs through the upstream and downstream of the entire industrial chain. In the current and future market competition, if the enterprise cannot establish its own brand, it may be submerged in the tide of price competition by the market under the meager profit. Jia Qiang told the China Economic Herald reporter with anxiety. In this regard, many experts are very calm, believing that when the industry slowly starts from the beginning to the outbreak and then matures, the number of competitors will be reduced, because some people will be eliminated in the middle, in the process of killing, there must be a small profit or even a loss. Only when the industry develops to a relatively mature level will there be relatively stable profits. Multiple sets of standards make it difficult to match upstream and downstream. Standardization is a necessary course for the development and growth of major industries and a hard condition for participating in market competition. As a new industry that will dominate the lighting market in the future, LED needs to improve standardized standards to guide the steady development of the industry. However, the current LED lighting application market is gradually opening up, showing a good situation, but the standard is still a constraint on industrial development. In response, Jia Qiang told the reporter of China Economic Herald that the standard should have been unique, but there are many standards and systems in the LED industry, and enterprises are not keen on using the standards, at present, most LED lighting product components exist in non-standardized form. The lack of standards leads to the lack of evidence for product design, and the confusion of product technology leads to difficulties in supporting upstream and downstream, which hinders the large-scale application of products and industrial development. Domestic institutions predict that LED will become the main lighting product by 2020, which to a large extent puts forward higher requirements for the standardization construction of semiconductor lighting. It is necessary to find out the causes of the standard problems, in order to solve the problem. Fortunately, both the government, industry organizations and enterprises have realized the problem of standards and have carried out some useful innovations and attempts. The National Standards Committee has also deployed LED standards from the national level.
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