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LED industry becomes the leader of Guangdong's strategic emerging industry development

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-28
In recent years, with the strong support of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Guangdong provincial government, Guangdong has made a series of arrangements in planning and layout, capital investment, technological research, promotion and application, etc. to promote the rapid growth of the LED industry, become the vanguard of the development of strategic emerging industries in the province. LED testing institutions such as the national key laboratory for testing semiconductor optoelectronic products and the National LED product supervision and inspection center have successively settled in Guangdong. The province's LED industry public service platform is fully covered and the industrial ecology is continuously optimized. On 2012, the Shenzhen International LED exhibition platform hosted by Shenzhen LED industry federation attracted more than 18000 professional domestic and foreign buyers to visit and purchase on the spot. The number of visitors on the opening day of the exhibition reached more than 7000, it has achieved a breakthrough of zero in Shenzhen's professional LED exhibition. Representatives from all walks of life gave recognition and support to the exhibition. Many viewers said that the measures to replace LED lights free of charge on the spot were impressive. At the same time, they said that LED lights are energy-saving and practical, and they are home-saving. According to the person in charge of the exhibition, the second Shenzhen International LED exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on July 3, 2013. This exhibition will respond to the government's call to promote standard optical components, it will greatly promote the standardization and popularization of LED lighting products. In addition, the organizers will increase the publicity of foreign markets and provide a platform for the combination of Chinese and Western in the exhibition so that Chinese LED enterprises can connect with the world.
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