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LED fluorescent lamp to LED lighting turned out to be a 'hype'

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-29
Actual demand for LED lighting (Consumer demand)That is, the rigid demand is actually very small. The total annual demand for indoor lighting products is only more than 0. 1 billion US dollars, but the domestic investment in this area is at least 10 times the actual demand. After paying the bill, it is often the investor. In fact, the main demand for LED lighting is an investment (A considerable part is speculation) Demand, but often the more speculative people, the more money they lose! The hot nature of LED lighting is actually the hot investment and freezing point of consumption! This can be seen in many aspects. Now only from the other aspect, the rise and fall of LED fluorescent lamps, let's look at LED lighting. The current situation is that the hype is far greater than the actual demand (Rigid demand)The essence! LED fluorescent lamp was once the star of LED lighting industry, and it lasted for at least two years. LED fluorescent lamp originated in the first half of 2007, and some people began to discuss it, in the second half of, it will be in full swing! The number of LED fluorescent lamps on the horse is high, and the enthusiasm is high. In the first half of 2008, the investment boom of LED fluorescent lamps reached a high point. I remember that at that time, eight out of ten posts were about LED fluorescent lamps. After the Olympics, the LED fluorescent lamp speculation boom began to cold, and then it fell rapidly, but at this time, on the Alibaba website, enter the LED fluorescent lamp, LED fluorescent lamp supply information, light integrity and communication members, there are already dozens of pages of information. At this time, this industry, in the industry, has basically been considered to be almost the same. Among them, of course, I heard that there are several manufacturers that have produced one or two large goods, but the results are very bad, and they almost closed down. Now, there is still so much information about Alibaba's supply of LED fluorescent lamps, because many people have already invested and cannot sell them. In the forum, many developers have already thrown LED fluorescent lamps behind their heads. Some even threw them into the garbage bin, saying it was rubbish and could not be popularized. Now looking at this section, it is difficult to find several posts on one page about LED fluorescent lamps. Now there are very few people asking about LED fluorescent lamp power supply, and there are more than five people in a month. At the peak of the day, five people called to ask. What does this mean? Why is the same thing so different at different times? Does it mean that LED fluorescent lamps are now very mature in technology and need not be discussed? Of course not, everyone knows that the LED fluorescent lamp technology is not yet mature, and the market is blocked, so many people are reluctant to do it again! The cowhide is broken and can't be fooled any more. However, for the LED fluorescent lamp, many rich people have invested a lot of money, and those who have no money have also paid some tickets more or less with the wind. Now 90 will become white bones, or have become white bones! This is the essence of LED lighting. As long as the cowhide is not broken, even though the amount of blowing is large, the amount is large, and the money is made. Only in this way can people invest. Some people will say that LED lighting has a large amount, but my generation has not seen it. Not to mention, why can't we see the amount of people in our generation, and the fact that the people of the generation have seen the amount everywhere is really strange. Even if a company occasionally takes such a single order or several orders because of relationships or good luck. You can define the quantity, while 99 companies are proofing at all, and only one company is shipping. Is this the quantity? In an industry, when everyone does not have much to ship, there is no quantity. A company's shipment is called a quantity. This is called a strong word and a concept! Why is the same amount of things, LED street lamps, still strong and prosperous, because it has gimmicks, investment expectations! Some governments are patting their chests to ensure that no one in China does not believe in ZF's ability. And the fluorescent lamp, it has no guarantee, so it is now dying, and it is going to die. This shows that the hot nature of LED is to speculate on investment expectations!
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