LED lighting accelerated integration faces the current situation of increasing income and not increasing profits

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-14
The market is about to break through 100 billion yuan and has experienced another round of integration, but the dilemma of increasing income and not increasing profits in the LED lighting industry still exists. At the investment strategy meeting of high-tech LED Industry Research Institute held on February 19, Zhang Hongbiao, director of high-tech LED Industry Research Institute, believed that LED lighting industry will enter a new round of golden period this year. He told the reporter of financial Daily yesterday that the cost performance of LED lighting has reached the critical point of market popularization, and incandescent lamps have been eliminated on a large scale, this year, the market scale of LED indoor and outdoor lighting in China is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan for the first time. After Dehao Runda's merger with NVC and San'an Optoelectronics to acquire Taiwan's Yuanyuan, the company's shares are preparing to acquire zhenmingli. This year's LED industry integration will be greater than last year. Before and after the Spring Festival this year, the domestic LED chip leader Sanan Optoelectronics completed the issuance, and plans to expand the LED chip production capacity to the first year of the university. It is expected that some small chip factories will be squeezed out. Zhang Hongbiao expects that the upstream acceleration of survival of the fittest, the expansion of downstream lighting demand, and the acceleration of industry mergers and acquisitions will be the three major points of view and investment opportunities for the LED lighting industry in 2014. The demand for indoor lighting continues to expand. With the decline in prices and the improvement in quality, LED lighting has begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. The cost performance of LED lighting has been accepted by the market and has generated actual demand without the government's promotion. The elimination of incandescent lamps has promoted. Zhang Hongbiao said that last year reached a critical point, this year is more obvious, the market will develop rapidly. In the past two years, the price of LED lighting has dropped by 60 ~ 80, prices will continue to fall this year, but the decline will narrow. At present, low-end LED lamps are cheaper than energy-saving lamps. The research data of high-tech LED shows that the domestic LED application market reached 208. 1 billion yuan last year, of which indoor lighting accounted; By 2015, the proportion of indoor lighting will further increase to 41. Indoor lighting has become one of the major pushes for the growth of China's LED application market. The large-scale elimination of incandescent lamps in various countries has promoted the application of LED in indoor lighting. Zhang Xiaofei, dean of the high-tech Industry Research Institute, estimates that this year 0. 5 billion ~ The replacement requirement of 1 billion incandescent lamps is to use an LED bulb lamp 3 ~ 5 dollars, it is not a small market. Therefore, China's LED lighting exports are also growing rapidly. Zhang Hongbiao revealed that last year, for the first time in China, LED lighting exports exceeded 1 billion yuan. Last year, there were 50 Chinese enterprises with LED lighting exports exceeding 0. 1 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 100 this year. Last year, there were 10 million Chinese enterprises with LED lighting exports exceeding 500 yuan, and it is expected to reach more than 800 this year. The wave of industry integration is even fiercer. At present, there are 1500 LED packaging enterprises and 13000 LED application enterprises in China. Due to fierce competition and falling prices, the LED industry experienced a phenomenon of increasing income and not increasing profits last year. Can this situation change this year in the golden period? This will happen this year, but it will improve. Zhang Hongbiao believes that at the same time, industry integration is accelerating: The market is getting hot, and enterprises that have not had time to increase supply will purchase; Some projects that were purchased last year will also land this year. Before the Spring Festival, Tongfang shares announced that it plans to acquire the equity of zhenmingli 51 for 0. 7 billion yuan. This is similar to the merger of Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting. Zhang Xiaofei believes that only Dehao Runda is interested in NVC's domestic channel, while Tongfang shares are interested in zhenmingli's overseas channel. Headquartered in Jiangmen city, Guangdong province, zhenmingli is a major exporter of LED lighting, which once accounted for 50% of the LED lighting market. Zhang Xiaofei told the 'financial daily' reporter that Tongfang used to invest a lot in LED chips. Now the acquisition of Zhen Mingli is to open up the downstream estuary. San'an Optoelectronics successfully completed a new round of additional issuance around the Spring Festival this year, with a financing of 3. 3 billion yuan. It is planned to double the current LED chip production capacity. Zhang Xiaofei believes that on the one hand, market demand is pulling, and on the other hand, Sanan also wants to squeeze out small businesses. Zhang Hongbiao expects that there will be mergers and acquisitions in the upper, middle and lower reaches of LED this year, and listed companies and state-owned enterprises will be the main body. However, the trend of weakening LED chips is obvious. At present, there are more than 50 LED chip enterprises in the country. As large enterprises continue to expand, small enterprises are facing operating pressure. Last year, Dalian Lumei and Lanbao have withdrawn from the LED chip industry. The excess risk of Sapphire has LED to rapid development. At the same time, the supporting concepts such as sapphire substrate have also been affected by the rumors that Apple's next-generation mobile phone IPhone6 will be used, which has caused a boom in the capital market. However, Zhang Xiaofei said in an interview with this reporter that sapphire is still in the import stage for the next generation of smart phones and is not used in batches. According to the preliminary statistics of high-tech LED Research Institute, the industry scale of China's LED sapphire substrate will increase from less than 1. 5 billion yuan in 2013 to about 2 billion yuan in 2014. Zhang Hongbiao predicted that the domestic demand for LED sapphire substrates was 23 million pieces last year, with more than half of the domestic supply; This year's demand will reach 33 million pieces, and the proportion of domestic supply will rise to 65 ~ 70. Despite this, domestic sapphire production capacity is still excessive. Zhang Hongbiao revealed that the current domestic production capacity of sapphire substrates is 80 million pieces, which will be expanded to hundreds of millions by the end of 2014, exceeding the total demand of 33 million pieces. The application of sapphire to smart phones is only a concept. Zhang Hongbiao said that once Apple applies, other brands of mobile phones will also apply. This is both an opportunity and a risk. He said that whether Apple is applied, whether domestic Sapphire companies can provide suitable products, and whether mobile phone companies accept it must draw a question mark.
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