LED industry competition is hot, two or three years later

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-29
Looking back on 2013, the LED industry has just emerged from the trough. The big manufacturers are taking advantage of the enemy's qi deficiency to eat and swallow. The manufacturers with considerable strength shake hands and make peace, or further join hands to fight against the enemy, there are also many manufacturers who have hurt their vitality and have withdrawn from the market at this industry turning point. The knockout match for the survival of the fittest is expected to continue in 2014. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, does not deny that LED industry chips and packaging will continue to reshuffle. This consolidation situation will be in 2015-The general trend of 2016 is set. Vertical integration and horizontal division of labor respectively express Lunda's integration into power alliance to strengthen momentum. Whether the LED industry will dominate the market in the future is a vertical integration camp or a horizontal division of labor, which has been a topic of debate in the industry in recent years. Taiwan's one-stop factory Lunda continued to consolidate its vertical integration strength. It was in February 1, 2013 that it was merged into the downstream LED packaging application factory power alliance to complete the production and manufacturing layout from the upstream wafer to the downstream application. Lu Chang's first rush to meet the tide of bankruptcy was on the stage, and he was about to bid farewell to 2013. Those rush events seemed to be not far away. Xiong Ji, an ancient town in Zhongshan, a lighting factory, was first reported to have run away in July, to the surprise of the market, Xiongji is one of the few enterprises with a sales volume of over 10 thousand yuan among these more than enterprises. Then, there was another news that Shenzhen Yiguang's boss also ran away. The Broken Chain of funds, the technology and competitiveness of products, and the pressure of price cuts were all the reasons for the continuous running. Rich Dad does not support Qi Li Jingfa to go out of business in July 2013. It seems that everyone has agreed. The land-based manufacturers have successively sent out the news of bankruptcy, and Taiwan's LED wafer factory Qi Li Optoelectronics also passed the news of the closure in the same month, to the surprise of the market, the major shareholders of Qili optoelectronics are the panel manufacturers qunchuang and Chi Mei industrial. Despite the high spirits at the beginning of its establishment, the evaluation in the Chinese market in the past was not bad, and a large amount of debt was still declared closed. Coincidentally, Jingfa Optoelectronics, which has undergone Investment, also closed its business on August. The engagement has been delayed for nearly a year, and an canlian has finally achieved positive results. The Marriage of San'an Optoelectronics, a major LED chip factory in China, which has become a shareholder of Taiwan's LED chip factory, has finally achieved positive results in the second half of 2013 after being delayed for nearly a year, however, in order to eliminate the doubts and whispers of the market, in the project review meeting, the industrial bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs proposed that the transfer of relevant patents, the excavation of talents, the acquisition of management rights and the transfer of technology should not be required as the conditions for agreeing to release an canlian. LED lighting wings crystal electric alliance layout accelerated, Taiwan LED chip factory crystal electric in July 2013 and traditional light source factory Hangzhou Yuzhong Gaohong lighting appliances, the establishment of Jingyang lighting, and will add LED production line, the acceleration of the transformation of Chinese traditional light source factories into LED light sources is a major kinetic energy driving the maturity of LED lighting applications this year. The cooperation between crystal power and Yuzhong Gaohong directly expands the estuary of crystal power chips, jingyang lighting is expected to mass produce and export LED lighting products at the end of the year. Looking for a cooperation partner across the sea, Sanan Yiguang's acquisition of European and American factories 2013 LED manufacturers on both sides of the Strait will also extend their reach to European and American manufacturers, sanan Optoelectronics announced on June 5 that Taiwan's LED packaging factory Yiguang had purchased 22 million shares of LuminusDevices100 with US $151. It is reported that it is the patent basis owned by LuminusDevices; The expansion of Taiwan's LED packaging factory has not stopped. It also purchased the German lighting factory WOFI in June to deepen the German channel market. NVC, Wu Changjiang returned to the board of directors and finally saw the progress of cooperation with Dehao. NVC Lighting's internal coaxing and Wu Changjiang's return to the board of directors won a lot of ratings in the first half of 2013. On June 4, NVC Lighting announced that it would elect Wu Changjiang and Wang Dongming as executive directors, this appointment will be implemented after the consideration of the shareholders' meeting, and the NVC Lighting incident will come to an end. The cooperation between NVC and Dehao Runda has also been further developed in the second half of the year. In August 30, the two companies announced that they would join the packaging plant. The traditional lighting factory accelerates to turn into LED China Power's acquisition of qiyao China electric appliances started with the traditional manufacturing industry of light bulbs, and has become the leader of Taiwan's lighting industry with the East Asian lighting brand. In recent years, it has also actively entered the LED lighting market, after the Taiwan LED vertical integration plant Lunda was merged into the power league, CLP has become a major corporate shareholder of Lunda, and this time it has once again acquired the LED packaging factory of qunchuang group, it shows that the action of cutting LED into traditional bulb factory is more active.
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