Dwell on the integration of solar energy street light could be affected in the winter?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

detail integrated solar street light could be affected in the winter? In winter, there are a lot of people worried about the status of the sunlight casual attitudes is the integration of solar street lamps co. , LTD can receive the sun's energy to work is not normal, about this aspect of knowledge, small make up today will give you a good introduction of integrated solar street light.

but can receive reflect, if meet the snow fell out of line is like our country northeast area, the air of winter much snow, once the solar battery board will be whitewashed thick snow obstacles battery plate received shines by integrated solar street light without leftover heat is converted into kinetic energy for street lamp light. Integrated solar street light depends on the solar panels to receive the sun's shining for heat, and heat is converted into kinetic energy storage will receive to give gu assist in the battery itself. In addition the device integrated solar street light time to abundant thought of scene image environment, if at the age of snow will seriously, must integrated manufacturer in developing and manufacturing solar street light consumption of course also have abundant thought, incredibly follow technology has been renovated and improved, all achievement city is not a problem.

actually integrated solar street light normal conditions in the winter is not any reflect, can say in winter integration can be normal use of solar street lamps, hope everybody can have a closer look at the above relevant knowledge about integrated solar street light, continue to focus on the website can learn more.
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