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LED industry chain should let three gears turn

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-22
The strategic positioning of Zhou Ming technology is to closely focus on the two core business modules of display screen and lighting, and to achieve better sales channels through the integration of upstream industries and emerging channels. Zhou Ming Technology Chairman Lin Mingfeng told reporters. In 2014, the display division is still the core main business of zhouming technology. At present, Zhou Ming technology has successfully invested in the chip and packaging companies in the upper and middle reaches with the help of capital, realizing the closed loop of the industrial chain; At the same time, it has also taken a stake in creative famous companies and developed small-pitch products in order to expand its market share. The lighting division will also be the core development direction in the future. According to Lin Mingfeng, Zhou Ming technology has clearly shifted from engineering to household products. Specifically, Zhou Ming technology has developed a cloud business strategy by integrating the resources of the LED e-commerce brand Hanyuan, combined with its own offline dealer outlets, and focused on opening up the online and offline sales of dealers, realize the O2O combination mode of home lighting. At the same time, engineering products will be used as a supplement to digest the company's production capacity, which is also conducive to building model projects.
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