How do LED companies enter the North American market?

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-15
On January this year, after the U. S. government announced a total ban on White, the North American market has gradually become a new hot spot for industry growth, and the process of LED lighting popularization is advancing at a faster speed. In Jiangmen Santai Lighting Products Co. , Ltd. , general manager, Xie Zhaohui, North America will occupy LED23. The market share of 1 is among the highest, becoming the place where LED lighting enterprises compete. Xie Zhaohui pointed out that the North American market will show a high-speed growth trend, with an expected annual compound growth rate; It is estimated that the LED lighting market will reach 27. 3 billion US dollars in 2020. From 2013 to 2015, outdoor LED lighting, LED commercial lighting and industrial LED lighting increased significantly. Special lighting will also see large-scale growth in the next five years. There are about 3. 7 billion incandescent lamps in the existing market, which are widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting and outdoor lighting. It is expected that most of the replacements will be completed within 3 years. Santai lighting Xie Zhaohui said. The author understands that at present, many LED enterprises in China and Guangdong have adjusted their export focus and made great efforts to enter North America. Benefiting from the continuous fermentation of the white ban scheme at home and abroad and the introduction of low-carbon economy and green city planning, the replacement tide of lighting products has come ahead of schedule, while energy-saving and environment-friendly products have also become green buildings, the LED lighting market has also experienced explosive growth this year. In the first quarter of this year, many LED enterprises had full orders and improved capacity utilization. Based on the optimistic expectation of the market outbreak, many enterprises put new capacity plans on the agenda, and capacity expansion became the short-term goal of upstream and midstream enterprises. The continuous explosive growth of the downstream lighting market has driven the release of production capacity in the middle and upper reaches, and the overall prosperity index of the industry has risen. Xie Zhaohui said. Entering the North American market faces many difficulties, but opportunities and challenges coexist in the North American lighting market. It is understood that the North American market is a market with high technical threshold, mature market and relatively many technical barriers in the international market. For many Chinese enterprises with insufficient experience in going out, there are many challenges. In Santai lighting Xie Zhaohui's view, there are two problems that domestic LED lighting enterprises need to solve and pay attention to in the future North American market competition: First, trade technical barriers; The second is intellectual property constraints. The former is the testing and standard constraints that Chinese enterprises must overcome when entering the United States; The latter is a hard injury for most Chinese enterprises to enter the North American market. Due to the late start of China's LED industry, foreign giants have basically completed the upstream patent layout at the beginning of the industry, which poses a great challenge for Chinese enterprises to enter North America. Capital operation can help enterprises to go out. If Chinese LED enterprises want to seize the North American market, they must first practice their internal skills and make more efforts in technology research and development and product creativity; Secondly, we should have the enterprise patent strategy and do a good job in the patent layout of North American market competition step by step and in stages; In addition, we must also attach importance to the construction of market channels and select different channel construction modes according to the enterprise's own conditions. Santai lighting Xie Zhaohui said. Santai lighting Xie Zhaohui believes that Chinese LED enterprises need to make in-depth analysis and prediction of the LED lighting market environment in North America and respond to the particularity of the North American market according to local conditions. Specifically, we should seriously study the policies and regulations of North America and be familiar with the legal norms and market access standards of North America market; According to the enterprise's own conditions of development, choose the appropriate mode of establishing North American market channels; In view of North American culture, we attach importance to product research and development and creative design, and meet customers' consumption habits and cultural characteristics in a targeted way. Xie Zhaohui believes that e-commerce is a combination point that Chinese enterprises can consider when entering the North American market. Many TV manufacturers in the United States do not sell in physical stores, but only on the electronic websites of major U. S. retailers such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Chinese LED products can also be considered through e-commerce when entering the U. S. market. In Mr. Xie's view, domestic capital integration provides favorable conditions for domestic LED enterprises to complete capital export and integrate the international market. For enterprises going out, capital operation is conducive to the in-depth integration and remodeling of the industrial chain, creating more competitive advantages for enterprises going out, such as technology, patents, markets, brands, talents, etc; Capital operation provides a shortcut and tool for domestic enterprises to go out and integrate the international market, although this shortcut and tool is still difficult for most enterprises, however, this will be a very effective means for Chinese enterprises to rapidly penetrate the North American market. The competitive advantage of Guangdong LED enterprises in the North American market is reflected in: first, they have certain competitiveness in terms of price; Second, the product process has been tempered for a long time. At present, many products have high cost performance and are easily recognized by mass consumers. Xie Zhaohui said.
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