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LED 'big boss' Crystal Power 2014 operating performance analysis

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-11
From the perspective of the whole year, Jingdian realized operating income of 277 in 2014. 1. 3 billion yuan, an increase of 24. 5. Specifically, thanks to the end of inventory digestion and the rush to enter the market, Jingdian's December 2014 revenue ended in five consecutive declines, up 14 from November. 55, up to 20. 2. 8 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 3. RMB 9. 4 billion). Legal person expected LED fill inventory buying start LED plant 1st season is expected to low season don't light. Crystal 2014 4th season revenue 57. 1. 6 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 11. RMB 1. 1 billion)Is 3rd season recession 25. 07,2014 annual revenue reached 277. 1. 3 billion yuan (Equivalent to RMB about 53. RMB 8. 8 billion)The annual growth rate is 24. 55. Crystal power is expected to become a US $1 billion company with Yiguang in 2015. Judging from the revenue performance of LED factories in December 2014, Jingdian and lundara were in late trading, which grew against the trend compared with last November. Yiguang and the new century only declined slightly. Judging by legal persons, LED inventory digestion is coming to an end, replenishment buying has been quietly started, and the peak season is coming.
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