The lamp according to many aspects to choose the court

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
The rapid development of social economy, people's living is becoming more and more good, also more and more people pursue high quality living conditions, so a lot of city built a lot of outdoor playground, especially football and basketball court, so the application of the stadium lights is also more and more attention to. In golf course installation prior to calculating the Angle of the light is good, can't affect the player's play, but also according to the golf course in many aspects to choose the suitable lamp. To make athletes can accurately determine pitch, height and placement, the outdoor stadium lights will use natural light, because of the effect of natural light is the best, of course, to prevent glare and stroboscopic let more direct or reflected light to the eyes of athletes play, and stadium lights or to increase the stability of the intensity of illumination and light distribution to uniform, coordination, etc. , not only can let the players more likely to get good results, and accurate for the referee mark and the audience are very important. Now in the market of the stadium lights with light source is LED light source, because, LED lamp lighting effect is good, pitch harms and glare, no stroboscopic light to achieve not dazzling, anti static, comfortable effect. Light color rendering, the ball and the background color, brightness difference significantly, so the judges can distinguish. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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