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LED lighting subject needs to return to rationality

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-04
In the boom of LED development, both inside and outside the industry are well aware of the importance of channels. They hold high the slogan of 'channel is King' and rush to hold investment promotion meetings across the country to sell products and fight for prices. However, what do you see behind the channel fever? Lighting subject must return to rationality, nature lighting (Henan) Gu Guofeng, the general manager of the branch, LED the cost without a bottom line. The industrial chaos was fundamentally regulated by real estate this year. The related industries were subject to large fluctuations. The real estate policy that has been unmoved has kept consumers in a wait-and-see state. Therefore, I would rather sell a little less than sell it. If I sell it, the profit will be reduced. At present, the dealers are very cautious. When talking about this year's market overview, nature lighting (Henan)Gu Guofeng, general manager of the branch, said. The difference between LED and fluorescent lamp lies in the cost. In the past, the cost of fluorescent lamps could be very transparent, but the cost variation coefficient of LED was particularly large. The cost of LED really makes people feel the bottom line. For example, a bulb lamp, if a bulb lamp (Cost of qualified products) The cost is 5 yuan, but you can find a lower price bulb in a small workshop. Since the country has not issued corresponding standards, it has given inferior products a greater market possibility. Gu Guofeng said. With the proliferation of defective products, the market is also chaotic. The industry characteristics of e-commerce make it possible to have enough room for development in a chaotic market, because the characteristics of online shopping products are ultra-high cost performance, and e-commerce is also a pain point for dealers. The lighting subject must return to rationality. The current chaos in the industry comes down to three aspects: the impetuousness of dealers. In the early stage of the development of the lighting market, it can be said that gold is everywhere. Dealers are in the era of sitting in the market. However, with the continuous maturity of the market and the stability of the market structure, the days of sitting in the market are gone forever. In addition, they are subject to upstream enterprises, the role of distributor transformation is not limited. Second, the impetuousness of the manufacturer. According to incomplete statistics, there are no fewer than 10 thousand large and small lighting manufacturers nationwide. Twenty years ago, there were not many options for dealers, so the relationship between manufacturers was like a grasshopper on the same rope. Nowadays, from the planned economy era to the market economy era, the loyalty between manufacturers has also changed. Third, the impetuousness of consumers. With the growing e-commerce industry, the online shopping consumption force has exceeded 0. 3 billion. Online shopping brings not only the convenience of shopping, but also the ultra-high cost performance. Many dealers said that this year, the price of mobile phones to physical stores is increasing. After that, the problem appeared. Being a chef does not study recipes and studies the art of war. Merchants do not do channels, distribution, services, go to the ancient town to do production. Manufacturers do not do brand management, product research and development, supply chain improvement, to find channels. Consumers do not consume rationally, take the online price to the physical store to see the product, and then make a deal online, so the whole industry is tired. We have to understand that not everything is suitable for selling online, not everything is bought online, and not all online stores are successful. The three main bodies of manufacturers, merchants and consumers all return to rationality. Only when professional people do professional things can the industry develop healthily. Gu Guofeng said. Professional things are done by professional people. For e-commerce, Gu Guofeng tells a case around him: the owner of a lighting factory in Guzhen, the front shop and the back factory model is booming, and the e-commerce was involved in the previous year, after three years of work and three years of losses, I decisively gave up doing e-commerce this year. He summed up a sentence, doing business, strategic losses are normal, but lost for three years, the loss is far away, found that there is no future, so give up, go back to the physical store to do what you are good, professional things are still done by professional people. Gu Guofeng said that the boss also said that if e-commerce has more development opportunities, he will choose to cooperate with professional e-commerce teams. Xiao Xiaohong, deputy general manager of Guanghui lighting City, said that the professional market and e-commerce complement each other. The so-called Taobao shop is the boss himself, working for himself, can do online shop 24 hours a day, manufacturers do e-commerce is to ask for nine to five office workers, this is the disadvantage of manufacturers doing e-commerce. And do not evaluate whether the behavior of the business owner to give up e-commerce is right or wrong, but in the whole process of e-commerce development, he is wise and clear. Choice is more important than effort. People can't do everything, but doing what they are good at is the valuable side of life. Gu Guofeng said. In the face of new things, don't use the old eyes to evaluate whether it is good or not, the right thing is good.
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