LED industry chain integration accelerates market 'card position' Preemptive machine

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-21
After the industry ushered in the tide of LED, the phenomenon of product homogenization has become more and more serious. Most LED products are based on traditional products, with no imitation and no innovation. First of all, LED lighting is a new type of energy-saving industry, favored by the government and enterprises, precisely because of its new model without imitation and reference, in other words, lack of experience. Secondly, the price of LED products has gradually dropped to a level acceptable to the public, but fierce competition has also LED to unstable product quality, and the specific measurement standards have not yet been standardized. In addition, there is no backbone for the chaos of publicity, the main targets of publicity cannot be accurately recognized, and many consumers do not really understand LED lamps. On the whole, the awareness of LED industry is not high, so many dealers lack confidence, and stores do not fully recognize and accept LED products. At present, the display function of the exhibition hall of the LED specialty store is greater than the channel construction function. This phenomenon leads to the problem that it is difficult to promote the brand of LED lighting products and the products fall to the ground, but this is a difficult problem that must be broken through, because the successful establishment of a brand is crucial to the survival and development of an enterprise. Seize the market card position as soon as possible. From the analysis of the terminal market, the quality, durability and price of LED products, whether domestic or foreign enterprises, have been evolving under the fierce market competition. Starting from 2013, the price of LED products has decreased, the LED terminal application market is also starting rapidly, and the lighting industry has entered an industrial upgrading cycle. The favorable policies and the expansion of the market have brought great development opportunities to LED lighting enterprises, but at the same time they have also brought corresponding challenges to enterprises. At present, the LED lighting industry is still in the early stage of development, and there are a series of problems such as imperfect industry standards and incomplete establishment of testing systems. In 2014, in addition to the further release of LED lighting market capacity, the market competition will also be more intense. In the process of rapid development of the industry, how can enterprises win when they fight with each other in the same competition? The first is to break through the research and development and cross the obstacles of LED technology; Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the business strategy of the enterprise. The more correct the strategic direction of the LED lighting enterprise is, the more accurate the prediction of the class is, the more the LED lighting enterprise can Card the market demand as early as possible. Many actual situations are that the organization has just begun to form and operate, but it finds that the strategy has been adjusted due to changes in the environment, making the organization hard to catch up after the strategy, when the organization adjusts to the requirements of the strategy, the strategy changes again, so the organization is outdated again and must be adjusted again. This is that the organization is too rigid. With the increasing maturity of the market economy, the signs of brand showing the strength of LED enterprises and ensuring the quality of products are becoming more and more obvious. The higher the brand awareness and reputation of enterprises, the more market share they will seize. When it comes to brand building, most enterprises put the function of brand building into the marketing system. In fact, brands serve the overall development of enterprises, brand building should serve enterprises, products and marketing systems, corporate culture, management systems, etc. The height of the brand needs time to accumulate, and the company needs to operate step by step. Industry Chain integration is a trend. Enterprises need to pay attention to channel development. Of course, while establishing channels, they should also promote the development of technology, management and brand. Facing the current market situation, industrial chain integration is the trend. As a new generation of light source, LED is not only a product revolution, but also an industrial revolution. In this revolution, it will be very difficult for any enterprise to push forward alone. While integrating resources, borrowing from each other and sharing resources, it also reminds us that it is very important to choose partners. In addition, only by further improving the quality of the company's products, improving the product structure, and enhancing the core competitiveness and brand influence can the enterprise live better and go further. In addition, the construction of hidden channels is directly related to the future development strategy of enterprises, thus attracting the attention of many LED manufacturers and merchants. In order to seize this market opportunity, many brands and enterprises are stepping up their efforts to develop hidden channels and have begun to lay out in advance to seize the highest point. For LED lighting enterprises, designer channels are the bridge connecting products and markets. Therefore, more and more attention has been paid to the promotion of designer channels. Designers organically apply LED lighting products to the design space through space integration, so that guests can unconsciously experience the charm and value of lighting art, it is more credible and effective than advertising empty talk products. From the perspective of design and application, LED has brought many changes to the lighting design field and promoted the development of lighting design.
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