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ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway

ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway

ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway

Delivery Time
5-15 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,
OEM/ODM Customized 
Start Port
guangzhou ,shenzhen, zhuhai
Supply Ability
5000 PCS/Month
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Company Advantages
1. The necessary tests for ALLTOP solar light 150w have been strictly conducted. It has been tested in terms of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, reliability, and durability. The product, made of high cost-performance aluminum alloy, has a favorable price
2. Products with high cost performance are widely used in the market. The lighting kits of the product are completely wireless and easy to be mounted
3. This product is labeled as water-repellent, which is mainly contributed by its quality waterproof coatings which feature higher waterproofing ratings. Customized products can be made to satisfy the needs of customers
4. It runs stably even in rigorous conditions. It is not affected by the thunder lightning, heavy storm, or high-temperature weather. It is in compliance with RoHS environmental protection standard


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Item No








LED Lamp

30W LED 3000K-6000K

60W LED 3000K-6000K

90W LED 3000K-6000K120W LED 3000K-6000K150W LED 3000K-6000K

Lamp Size

400*230*65 mm

530*240*65 mm

645*250*65 mm750*250*65mm838*250*65 mm

Solar Panel

6V 5.5W, Polycrystalline  

6V 8.5W, Polycrystalline  

6V 11.5W, Polycrystalline     6V 18W, Polycrystalline      6V 22W, Polycrystalline   

Battery Type

LiFePO4 3.2V 12AH

LiFePO4 3.2V 18AH

LiFePO4  3.2V 24AHLiFePO4  3.2V 30AH LiFePO4  3.2V 36AH

Charging time

6-8 hours

Discharging time

30-36 hours            





Install Height



product description
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-6
All-in-one Solar Street Light 
All-in-one design and charged by solar, so the lighting kits are completely wireless and easy to be mounted. Widely arrange mount applications on wall, fence, tree, steps, etc. to light up your garden, hallway, flowerbeds, pillar, deck, yard, patio, or driveway and any other places.
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-7
High Quality LED Chip
The LED chip is a semiconductor chip that emits light and is not easily broken, so that its service life can reach 50,000 hours, while the ordinary incandescent lamp has a service life of only one thousand hours.
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-8
Polysilicon solar panel

Polycrystalline silicon solar panels, which are easier to manufacture, save power, and have low overall production costs.

Positive power tolerance: 0~+ 5W

100% EL double-inspection ensures modules are defects free

Modules binned by current to improve system performance

ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-9
Human induction
Human body infrared light
Strong light environment (daytime) does not light up!
In the low light environment or at night, the sensor body detects the change of infrared heat energy caused by the movement of the human body and then triggers the lighting. Sensing diameter is farther and more sensitive.
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-10
IP65 waterproof rating
Simple operation, easy to use, automatic lighting at night, safer, more durable, more fashionable.
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-11
Made of high-impact ABS material, this solar light is IP65 waterproof so it can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions
ABS material is clean and environmentally friendly, tasteless and odorless, harmless to the human body and in line with health and safety. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties such as high heat resistance, good transparency and high impact resistance.
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-12            

When anyone passes by, it will be 100% brightness.
When people passes away, it will be 30% brightness.
Full charge time: About 6-8 hours under direct sunshine
Discharge time on a full charge: 20-24 hours
◪ Very easy to install, 
◪ Provide bright and wide beam distribution light for general purpose flood night lighting. 
◪ Energy-saving and Eco-friendly, no any pollution to environment. 
◪ High efficiency, low light decay.
◪ Charge under direct sunlight for 6 to 8 hours
◪ Turn on the switch after installation
◪ Please choose a position without any shelter for enough sunshine and fully exposure

◪ After turn on the light, first it will flash then light, which is normal.

Lithium battery advantages
  • 01
    Green and environmental protection: no toxic heavy metal substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium are produced.
  • 02
    Lithium-ion battery can be charged and discharged at any time, unlike nickel-metal hydride, nickel-tin battery, must wait until the power is exhausted.
  • 03
    The environmental temperature difference changes adaptability: can be used in the environment of -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C,
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-13
  • 04
    Production basically does not consume water, which is very beneficial to countries where water sources are scarce.
  • 05
    Lithium battery voltage platform is high: the average voltage of the single battery is 3.2V or 3.7V, which is convenient for forming a battery pack.
  • 06
    The service life is relatively long: the service life can reach more than 6 years
ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-14
Using package color inner boxes
Attached installation manual
Match installation screw
We use K=K strong white carton outer package
Printing the product pictures on the boxes




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ALLTOP solar light panel wholesale for highway-16               
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Company Features
1. Over the years, Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD has earned a wealth of expertise in the production of solar light panel . We are a prominent manufacturer in the industry. Produced by advanced machine and mature technology, solar street light system is of great performance.
2. Our all in one led solar street light are made by our techniques of our professional solar light 150w .
3. Autonomous leading technology and strict quality management are the advantages of Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD. We are working hard to gear production mode to more environmentally aware than ever. We will reuse resources and make production processes to meet compliance requirements.
Advanced technology and latest machine & equipment are used to ensure ALLTOP solar light panel is manufactured based on the requirements of lean production. It is of delicate, modern and compact style
The appealing design of ALLTOP solar light 150w far exceeds the market average. With the direct sale, the product is very competitive
ALLTOP all in one led solar street light is developed by team of professionals by using the high grade material and modern technology as per with market prevalent norms. The product offers exquisite patterns and designs
ALLTOP solar street light system is designed under the guidance of highly skilled designers. The product is booked with a favorable 30% of payment in advance
ALLTOP all in one led solar street light is constructed using high quality materials that can are extremely durable. It can be considerably produced by the highly automatic CNC
Each product is rigorously tested before delivery. The product is provided by the rapid air transportation of DHL or UPS
The quality and performance of this product conform to industrial and international standards. Manufactured by sturdy materials, the product can serve customers for many years
Apart from the quality meeting the industry standard, the product also has a longer service life compared with others. It is carefully and meticulously polished and burnisheed
With our extensive industry expertise in this field, this product is produced with the best quality. It guarantees that no flaw issues will be found
Professional quality management personnel, ensure the product 100% quality. It can be customized according to customers' desire
This product is high in accordance with the first-class quality standards. It is certified under the internal and external standards and therefore it will be widely accepted by the market. The product has the advantage of rust protection
Since this product needs little maintenance, it greatly helps save maintenance costs in the renovation projects. It is routinely packaged in a PP bag and standard carton to avoid damage during the delivery process
People do not have to worry that it will cause smelly odor or any skin infection caused by bacteria and mites. The range of the product's color selection is wide and various such as silver and gold
It is comfortable and not irritant to make this product directly contact with skin. Its hypoallergenic performance makes it perfect for skin sensitive people. It is accurately made according to the drawings
Some people think that this product gives an overall neat visual experience even though it is used for a long time. Logo printing is available for the product
This product will finally contribute to the improvement in production efficiency. Because it can effectively eliminate human error during operation. It is very smooth on the surface with a perfect texture
It is ideal for storing necessary food ingredients, applications such as microwave, and other utensils such as dishes and cups. It is routinely packaged in a PP bag and standard carton to avoid damage during the delivery process
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