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ALLTOP uv lamp germicidal manufacturers for bacterial viruses

ALLTOP uv lamp germicidal manufacturers for bacterial viruses

ALLTOP uv lamp germicidal manufacturers for bacterial viruses

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20W 30W 40W

LED Lamp

Quartz Ultraviolet

Lamp Size



Solar Panel


Warranty3 years
product description
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Sterilization Lamp

1. Adopt quartz glass ultraviolet lamp, high transmittance, better sterilization and disinfection effect

2. Ellipse three-dimensional design

3. UV disinfection

4. Remove formaldehyde and odor.

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Remote Control+Timing Function

Remote control: remote control switch.

Intelligent sensor: Intelligent sensor switch, set to automatically shut down after 1 hour of sterilization.

The characteristic wavelength of ultraviolet rays is destroyed by irradiating the DNA and RNA of the microorganisms, so that the bacteria lose their viability and reproductive ability to achieve the effect of disinfection.

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UVC Ozone Ultraviolet

UV disinfection table lamp,it can kills the bacteria and virus ,including the Covid-19 virus . the table lamp type ,which can be put at table or floor and it is portable that you can take  anyplace you want to disinfect . this item now is the best seller ,  And it is CE RoHS certificated  . 

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How UVC kills the bacterial viruses?

By iradating microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, UVC candestroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microorganisms'cell and cause the break of DNA chain and crosslin between nucleicacids and proteins, which can cause the death of growth andRegenerative cells and achieve the sterilization effect.c, Ozone sterilization principle

Ozone O3 has strong oxidization, it can destroy the cell wall ofbacterium and oxidize and decompose high polymers like glucoseoxidase, RNA, DNA, protein, lipid and saccharides, which can cause the death of bacterium and achieve the sterilization effect.

Packing Adventages
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Using package color inner boxes
Attached installation manual
Match installation screw
We use K=K strong white carton outer package
Printing the product pictures on the boxess                                               

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Each step is strictly monitored by the professional quality inspection department. A continuous inspection system is implemented to ensure the high quality of this product. Easy installation is the feature of the product
sterilization lamp is designed and assembled in state-of-the-art production plant which meets the latest lean manufacturing and quality standards. It is in compliance with RoHS environmental protection standard
The raw materials of ALLTOP sterilization lamp is carefully chosen from top grade suppliers. The products can be widely used for lighting up the wall, fence, trees and so on
ALLTOP sterilization lamp is offered with the help of talented team of craftsmen. Closely connected to the surface, it can produce high illumination
ALLTOP sterilization lamp is manufactured using the latest production technology as per the international trends. Made of stainless steel hex nuts, the surface of the light is durable and rust-free
The product features high energy efficiency. Adopting the newest latest energy conservation technologies, it is designed to reduce energy consumption. The lighting kits of the product are completely wireless and easy to be mounted
It has a strong and tough structure. It is able to withstand pressure and heavy load without fracture or breaking problems. The chip of the LED light is a semiconductor chip that emits light and not easily broken
The product is bacteria resistant. The filter elements used in it such as membrane and pellet active carbon are highly effective in absorbing any microorganism and bacteria. The surface of the product goes through the anodic oxidation treatment which makes it of anti-corrosion
It comes with good breathability. It allows moisture vapor to pass through it, which is an essential contributing property to thermal and physiological comfort. The product has an optimal stability performance
The product works perfectly in a modern style kitchen. It is designed with streamline shape, giving an appeal of freshness and brightness to the kitchen. It features strong concentrating performance and can give high brightness
The product will simply look like a part of the building's permanent architecture, representing an asset to its appearance and value. The products are mainly exported to America, Australia, Germany, Canada, etc
The product does not only provide comfort and safety, but it also helps people reduce their energy consumption and thus save energy costs. The light efficiency of the product reaches 91
The product greatly helps people save money on operating costs by reducing energy use without compromising on performance. With highly bright LED chip, the product produces no radiation, protecting human health
People will be delighted to enjoy this product for years without worrying about the fix of chips, scratches, or cracks. The light efficiency of the product reaches 91
This product not only helps people cut significantly on electricity bills, but also eases the burden on energy production demand. The product, made of high cost-performance aluminum alloy, has a favorable price
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