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ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light

Delivery Time
5-15 days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram,
Start Port
guangzhou ,shenzhen, zhuhai
Supply Ability
5000 PCS/Month
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Enterprise Strength
  • ALLTOP Lighting insists on the service principle to be active, efficient and considerate. We are dedicated to providing professional and efficient services.
Company Advantages
1. ALLTOP led lights for home meets mandatory electrical safety requirements. It has to pass the following tests: high voltage test, leakage current test, insulation resistance test, and ground continuity test.
2. Customers can benefit from various performance superiorities of the product.
3. [企业简称] strictly controls the components put into production to ensure that the performance meets the required standards. In addition, we have a finished product measurement and control system, which provides a strong guarantee for the high quality of led lighting.

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-1 

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-2 

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-3 

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-4

Item No










LED Lamp

50W LED 6000K-6500K

100W LED 6000K-6500K

150W LED 6000K-6500K

200W LED 6000K-6500K

Lamp Size





Solar Panel

18V 36W, Mono-Crystalline

18V 45W, Mono-Crystalline

18V 65W, Mono-Crystalline   

18V 88W, Mono-Crystalline   

Battery Type

LiFPO4 12.8V 18AH

LiFPO4 12.8V 30AH

LiFPO4 12.8V 42AH

LiFPO4 12.8V 54AH

Charging time

6-8 hours

Discharging time

30-36 hours




Die-casting Aluminum Alloy

Install Height



product description
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-5
solar street light
solar street light It's easy to install and suitable for residential street, garden ,parking lots, playground and as security lighting and landscape lighting,

Using MPPT technology, the conversion efficiency of solar system can be fully increased, effectively shorten the 20% charge time.

Patent led chip, the whole system lighting efficiency has been improved to 160lm/w.

Aluminum light body, zinc plated, anti-rust corrosion.

Power control function to make sure 3 rainy days at least.

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-6
adjustable angle
Its installation angle can be adjustable from 0° to 90°
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-7
Long Life Battery & Better Solar Panel
40Watt Model has Lithium-Ion 11.1V 19200mAh battery that has the power to stay on longer and run for years and years. The solar panel is a premium 16 Volt and 29 Watt Polycrystalline panel. Ensuring a full charge in about 8 hours
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-8
Auto Timing Control brightness
100% brightness for first 1 hours70% brightness for the next 2 hours;50% brightness for the another next 2 hours;30% brightness;until morning turn off for charging
1.Very easy to install,
2.Provide bright and wide beam distribution light for general purpose flood night lighting. 
3. Energy-saving and Eco-friendly, no any pollution to environment.
4. High efficiency, low light decay.
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-9
High quality LED chips, uniform lighting, wide lighting range, long lighting time As a result, it can last 50,000 hours, compared with 10,000 hours for incandescent bulbs.
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-10
1. High photoelectric conversion efficiency and high reliability
2. Advanced diffusion technology ensures uniformity of conversion efficiency throughout the sheet
3. Ensures good conductivity.
Monocrystalline silicon is generally packaged in tempered glass, which is durable and has a long service life.
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-11
Microwave Motion Sensor

Radar controlled,

called Doppler effect.

More intelligent, energy-saving

Packing Adventages
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-12
Attached installation manual
Match installation screw
We use K=K strong white carton outer package
Printing the product pictures on the boxes                                                 

ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-13               
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-14               
ALLTOP 50W 100W 150W 200W IP65 outdoor integrated motion sensor all in one solar led street light-15               

Company Features
1. Mainly dealing with PRODUCT, Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD has done a good performance in the industry of led lighting.
2. With its outstanding R&D achievements, ALLTOP has won awards of led lights for home .
3. ALLTOP has been continuously improving the quality of customer service. Get price! ALLTOP will never give up on its ambition to serve each customer well. Get price! ALLTOP will stick to the firm belief of being an international led lighting exporter. Get price!
Aging Test
 All lamps will have 24hrs aging test before packing and delivery.

Product Description


1   Air convection design, that can keep the natural wind long time for heat disspation

2   Annulus Lens. the LED quantity can be changed according to customer requirements.

3   >140lm/W and > 170lm/W for option

4   Bean angle: 60/90/120 degree for option

Air convection design good for heat dissipation 

Microwave and Infred Sensor option
Reflector Optional

1: Fit rectangle long driver
2: 180 degree adjust bracket
I've installed about 20 light strips from KORJO over the last 18 months. I've put them in my kitchen, closets, attics, and also at my gym and a few other places. In the image attached I'm creating a Sci-Fi themed man cave and these lights are perfect. I run 2 different businesses and they both rely heavily on Amazon purchases. I make about 1,000 purchases a year and I need to tell you that KORJO is the best most responsive seller I've worked with. For example, one of the 20 light strips had it's power supply go bad after 10 months. I sent them an email and they shipped a replacement out for free the next day. When I got started with these lights I had a lot of questions and they always responded within a day. Sometimes within a couple of hours. You can't go wrong with KORJO.
xa0Ive ordered LED lights before that only had the remote control. those were ok, but the color options and style options are limited. These ones are way cooler because they for one are way brighter, there is an app with adjustable settings on everything! with a color wheel and asjusting the brightness and speed of the pattern all from just your phone. i find the bluetooth more convenient too because i always have my phone on me so i can change it wherever i am in the room, but with the remote one i have to get up lol im lazy. overall they are a little pricey but you get 2 sets and theyre pretty long! i actually need to buy one more because it didnt finish my whole ceiling because i put it around my mirror as well. its fine, totally worth the money. planning on buying another pair soon to have for our backyard when we revamp it.
These lights are amazing. Very easy to set up, instructions are easy to follow. The app is very simplistic.... not really many bells or whistles.. just basic settings Only issue I had was when peeling the cover tape back to reveal the sticky tape. If you peel it too fast , you end up pulling off the tape from the strip light.... just be sure to pull it slow. Enjoy
It's beautiful
Been hesitant on outdoor led lights being durable but found out that the Korjo brand holds up to the elements and has top notch customer service if you run into any hiccups, like I did. Had trouble setting up some features and they talked me thru it. Thanks guys! Been fiddling with the perfect location for these chasing lights and found under our gazebo was the best spot. Created an amazing rainbow light chasing effect that will blow any of my guests mind, it's beautiful! Lots of cool effects you can create. Would be a blast using with any party, karaoke, or entertainment center. Very sticky adhesive that stays put. App is a little difficult to navigate for beginners like me but that's all electronics and I learned fairly quickly what to do. Thanks for another great product! Nice and simple packaging too.
These lights all work and were easy to install and setup to use a mobile device to control. The self adhesive backing was nice, but after a while did not last. However, the kit comes with small plastic brackets you can use to brace in several locations assisting the sticky backing. This combination seems to work well. There are many different chasing and blinking features over a hundred which is really nice. We needed at total length of 70', so we had to order 5-16 foot lengths. Connecting them with the pre-installed connectors were a snap, and trimming the excess at the end was also as simple as one cut. We did have to use two power sources, one at the beginning of the run and one in the middle to power this many lights. Finally, we did have two controllers fail. After the first two failed, we added a surge protector to each power source and have not had any problems after that, so I suspect the light controller is very sensitive to any power surge and would highly recommend a surge protector for each power source before installing.
These lights are amazing. I normally never write reviews but these lights for that good. They light up my whole entire room and they are really beautiful. I have tried many different lights, and they all didn’t stick to the wall or only a couple of the lights worked or I can change the colors. But these lights are exactly what you’re looking for. It was a little hard to put all the wires together at first, but they are amazing. They make my room 10 times better. The actual light strip you stick onto the wall, but before you stick it on to where you should wipe it off with a rag and then dry it it will help stick.
xa0Really enjoy these lights especially for the price. I did buy some additional screws and mounts to make sure they stayed up. These are the same ones that come with it. I was putting them outside and I have a lot of wind so I knew over time the adhesive would come lose. Going to buy a few more sets so my son can run them in his room. Really easy set up.
Really like the lights. I wish I got the rgb w tho but that's my fault. The adhesive is good but the ends start to fall off when it gets warm from the lights being at full brightness. This can be fixed with a piece of tape on the connectors because that's where the weight is. The app that the manual recommend is very good and connects easily. I tried using another app (led chord) but I wasn't able to connect to the controller with it.
xa0Fun for a great price! Just make sure to connect it via Bluetooth through the app. I like being able to save my favorite color patterns (there are a lot) so you can come back to them. The adhesive strip to afix it is remarkably strong, so I've mounted these under shelving in my garage for a very cool effect!
xa0This is a completely real review. Not fake. I absolutely love these. If your looking for that rainbow chase effect, along with over a 100 other effects, this is for you. If you want it to be bright, trust me THIS IS FOR YOU. And finally if you want a good strip in general this is for you. Very easy to set up and use. 100/10 recommend this to anybody looking for a strip.
These lights are absolutely beautiful! I highly recommend buying. We had trouble at first with the Bluetooth connection and the manufacturer emailed me and wanted to get everything taken care of right away. Great customer service!
So far so good. Have had them up for 1 week. Just as pictured and described. Arrived in good packaging. Colors are vibrant. Didn't cut strips, so not sure how that would work out. Phone app easy to operate and install. I would buy them again.
Purchased for my granddaughter and she loves it. Quickly mounted on the ceiling of her bedroom and now she is able to control lighting from her cell on the app. Multi-color lights are just the right brightness.
Have had it for 3 months now. Works great, app is very fast and responsive. I love the settings. I wish we could make our own combo tho!
I bought light strips from Best Buy for 80$ for 16ft, not nearly as many features to those but these are so bright and easy to set up, I put these on my bed and the foam tape sticks perfectly. I just wish there was a widget for app it came with for ease of access
Purchased this to install on my deck railing, the description states "waterproof" the instructions state do not expose to direct rain where do they get waterproof from????
I'm so glad I decided to go with these lights. They stick 100% perfectly and the colors are very vibrant. I have them around the boarder of my gaming room and it really makes the room look amazing. Would definitely buy again!
This was great for me made my room look so cool. my friends love it and so do I. If you wanted to get your friends, kids, or anyone led lights this is the one. Easy to set up and install. Looks great highly recommend.
Easy to use app and great customer service. Great price for LED strip lights. Seller followed up with customer satisfaction request and additional instructions. Great product, great seller.
Worked exactly as I thought it would and as advertised. There was on very minor fault with it and it was definitely on my end. I messed up the beginning of the adhesive but immediately fixed it. Great product, great price.
I recently bought this led light strips kit for my house. The led strips have many colorful patterns programmed into them. I had a problem with one of the led strips and contacted the seller. The company was fast to respond and quick to resolve my issue. If I could I would give these lights a 4.9 out of 5 stars.
Good product, the colors are little lighter but looks good only thing is this product is not full water proof and wonderful seller to deal with and quick
The product is great so far and is easy to install and the service is fast and friendly. ???
Loved mine. Will definitely buy again. I’m very pleased and great customer service
Really like ability to control from my smartphone
I love these lights. They work great in my man cave!
Works well, easy to control from mobile device.
There is no red, white and blue sequence. Does not come with instructions, you must download the instructions and app. Must use Phone or tablet to control. No other type of control.
These lights were amazing. Very easy to set up and the company itself is amazing. I had a problem connecting 6 strips together and the company sent me a new strip for free while we tried to figure out the problem. Within a couple of emails they found out the problem (just had to type the pixel count into the app) and turns out you can connect 20 strips together with no problem at all, and all working off of one Bluetooth controller. So if you’re wondering if you can connect 6 strips (with proper power sources that they supply) or more and control all together on your smart phone with one click then the answer is yes! The company responds to emails almost right away, I rarely had to wait a day for a response. The app is super simple to use as well with 120 different modes of color chasing which are all awesome! Overall would recommend buying these lights.
I debated on which lights for my 24x30 garage for a couple months before deciding to give these a try. Let me tell ya, these are fantastic! I put 16 in my garage because I hate having shadows while working on my cars and these definitely did the trick. They're super bright and I really like that they flush mount to the ceiling
I ordered these for my basement and wood shop. I made the decision to go with these lights because of all the positive reviews. They arrived very quickly and I was able to install these in about 45 min. The brackets that come with them are very small and lightweight but the lights themselves are very lightweight so it doesn't take much to hold them up. I was impressed with how easy they were to put up and how they aren't bulky like other shop lights. I'm going to be buying more of these soon! Highly recommend!
Great lights, did the trick. The selling price was the thing that moved it to the top of my selection spectrum. The only caveat I have is that the metal clips are delicate, use care when installing
Super bright and easy to install.
Amazing for the price
Very simple product but worked exactly as described. I can see clearly in my attic now!
Super bright LEDs
Customer service is amazing great LED lights for the garage.
they were just what I wanted.
Great lights,,, put out allot of light
Awesome in a two car garage.
Just installed. Great value highly recommend
It's perfect
Super bright, a breeze to install!
Great light for the money. Mounting brackets not good.
Wow is all I can and will say.
Remodeling Garage, and added these lights. Great light and easy to install.
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