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Solar street lights successfully installed on Saudi roads

Solar street lights successfully installed on Saudi roads

Under normal circumstances, a week of continuous rainy days solar street lights can be supported, but customers should pay attention to the purchase of solar street light products and related accessories, which are batteries and controllers, these accessories play a vital role, Under normal circumstances, the solar street lamp factory will provide customers with matching products and services according to the solar street lamps purchased by customers.

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Solar street light knowledge

Solar street lamps are showing rapid growth in today's lighting engineering applications. Manufacturers' orders are available every year. No matter domestic customers or foreign customers, solar street lamps have been given a new era label with the development of research and development. Intelligent and convenient control has become a new direction for the development of many solar street lamp factories.

The first is to see if the protection level of the cavity protecting the LED lamp bead is high enough; whether the junction temperature of the chip is within the design range and the LED lamp bead used. For the power supply, it depends on whether the design has enough margin to ensure that the service life reaches more than 50,000 hours.

Of course, it is also possible to comprehensively judge the authenticity of the LED street lamp life theory and related data and the credibility of the enterprise through the company-provided level institutions or approved reports, the selection of key components, the theoretical basis of LED street lamp life and related data. The LM80 report of the LED lamp bead and the lamp temperature (including pin) report can be calculated based on the values.

The solar street light needs to be configured with the size of the solar panel and the battery. According to the local sunshine time, the daily lighting time required by the customer, how many rainy days need to be maintained to determine the size of the solar panel and the battery, taking the light source 30W as an example. Generally, 50W-180W solar panels are required.

It is also possible to judge the life of the LED street lamp according to the LED road light decay curve. In the case of outdoor actual lighting, the light decay of different LED street lamps does not exhibit regularity, and the lamp type is different, and the light decay curve is different. Simply use the light decay curve to change the life of the lamp, and the reliability and confidence rate are low. Moreover, the design of the lamp sealing structure, the choice of sealing materials, and the choice of optical protection materials will have a direct impact on the reliability and light attenuation of the lamps. Although the power supply is a component that is easily damaged in the luminaire, the reliability of the LED street lamp can be greatly improved by a reasonable power supply cavity temperature design and a lightning protection surge protector.

Solar street lamps belong to a brand-new energy conversion technology. The requirements for manufacturers are relatively high. Manufacturers producing solar street lamps should at least know how to better convert solar energy into electricity and store them in batteries. More electricity is used to cope with the continuous rainy weather, so now there are many manufacturers of solar street lamps, but if you can really do the technology, you need to carefully check out.

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application-Solar street lights successfully installed on Saudi roads-ALLTOP -img

How to choose a powerful solar street lamp manufacturer? Xiaobian advises customers to inspect and judge the three aspects of solar street lamp products, solar street lamp research and development, and solar street lamp quality. Let's take a brief look at these three aspects.

1. Solar street light products

There are many solar street lamp products, and the surgery industry has specialization. It is also very obvious in the solar street lamp industry. Don't choose a company with a very complicated product type. You should choose a manufacturer that specializes in several solar street lamps, so that the solar street lamps purchased by customers will be very Great protection.

2, solar street lamp research and development

Solar street lights need a research and development team. Not just a company can sell solar street lights. Nowadays, there are many selling companies for solar street lights, so customers should conduct on-the-spot investigations and choose a source factory with an advantageous price.

3. Good solar street lamp manufacturers pay great attention to the sum of production products.

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They also use a lot of production technology to develop better quality solar street lighting products, so that consumers can choose more high-quality solar street lighting products, so that people can a large extent. Therefore, when we choose a specific solar street lamp manufacturer, we can conduct comprehensive investigations from the manufacturer's production technology, production scale, production concept, reputation and work efficiency, and then choose the best, so that we can choose the strong solar energy. The street lamp factory enables us to bring high solar street light products, thus bringing convenience to our lives.

1. LED street light is easy to install, no need to embed the cable without rectifier, etc., directly install the lamp head to the light pole or nest the original light shell. 2. LED street light has automatic control energy-saving device, which can reduce the power and save energy in the case of meeting the lighting requirements of different time periods. 3. The color rendering of LED street lamps is much higher than that of high-pressure sodium lamps. The color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lamps is only about 23, while the color rendering index of LED street lamps reaches 75 or more. From the perspective of visual psychology, the same brightness can be achieved, and the illumination of LED street lamps can be averaged. More than 20% lower than high pressure sodium lamps.

Along with the increasingly fierce competition in the modern market, solar street lamp manufacturers want to achieve better development prospects, and they need to work hard on the products. Only by satisfying customers with great satisfaction can they bring unlimited development opportunities. As the saying goes, customers are that solar street lamp manufacturers need to take the actual needs of customers as the starting point of work, and take the big demand of customers as the driving force for development, so as to win more and more people's trust choices.

With the increasing popularity of LED street light products, the price of LED street light products is increasing. At the same time, the luminous efficiency of the LED chip is constantly increasing, and the price of the LED street lamp is also lowering, and the price is becoming more and more close to the people. However, many customers often receive low prices when purchasing LED street light products, thus ignoring the products. In the LED street lamp industry, the price of one point is different. The outdoor LED street lamp is related to traffic, and the cost is high.

So what are the factors that affect the price of LED street lights? In fact, the main reasons are light source, power supply, lamp housing, certification, after-sales and so on.

First of all, the price of light source, power supply and lamp housing varies widely. The price of brand and brand LED light source and power supply is often several times or even ten times. However, the luminous efficiency of the brand source is not guaranteed, and the conversion efficiency of the power supply is not easy to cause LED. If the light source is insufficient or burned, the material of the lamp housing is also critical. Die-cast aluminum has good heat dissipation, but the price is also higher. The use of miscellaneous products is not guaranteed, and it is a big failure to spend money to buy good products.

Secondly, sometimes people can see LED street light companies, but they can't see LED street lights companies spend money. The research and development, testing and certification of products all have real money investment, and it is a constant investment for a long time. Some manufacturers do not do research and development, do not do certification, do not test, insist on taking it, save this part of the cost, the price will naturally.

Again, after-sales service is also a relatively large cost. No one can guarantee that their LED street lamp products will not be a problem. All testing, certification, and research and development can only be as trouble-free as possible and can not prevent failure. After the sale of LED street light products, there must be after-sales personnel to be responsible, and the cost of after-sales must be taken into account.

Therefore, although the price of LED street lamps is getting more and more, the purchase of LED street lamps is still much longer. Eliminate the low price trap of LED street lights, choose the products of regular LED street lamp manufacturers, is the right choice.

With the development of LED technology, the popularity of LED luminaire technology is getting higher and higher, and because of its low energy consumption, it is regarded as an alternative to energy-consuming lamps. The market prospect is broad, and each luminaire manufacturer also focuses on the research and development of new products in LED luminaire products. By developing energy-efficient chips, the competition in the market is becoming more and more heated.

At the same time, along with the development of Internet technology, a new technology has emerged - the Internet of Things. The interpretation of the Internet of Things is the Internet of things connected. This has two meanings: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an extended and extended network based on the Internet; Second, its client extension and expansion.

Information exchange and communication between any item and item, that is, the object meets.

LED street lights join hands with the Internet of Things. According to the survey data, plus intelligent control LED street lights can save 10%-20% on the original LED energy-saving technology. The lighting is adjusted by the switch. Because of the many reasons such as operation, the opening and closing of the street lighting is mostly fixed. In the summer, the black street light is already on, and the street lights are not turned on in the special weather such as cloudy and rainy. Can only be smeared forward. This not only caused a lot of waste, but also made travel inconvenient, and resources could not be used reasonably.

4. The LED road light color is uniform, no lens is added, and the uniform light color is not sacrificed to improve the brightness, thereby ensuring uniform light color without aperture. 5. LED road light is small, the light decay of less than 3% in one year, still meets the road use illumination requirement in 10 years, and the high-pressure sodium light decays, which has dropped by more than 30% in a year or so. Therefore, LED street lights are in use. The power can be designed to be lower than the high pressure sodium lamp.

It is this kind of change brought about by the Internet of Things technology. The intelligence of the Internet of Things can be pre-set to open and close conditions and conditions. The intelligent sensing of the terminal will be transmitted to the control center, and the whole process can be carried out according to preset conditions. The controller adjusts the voltage and current amplitude of the circuit to control remote single or multi-lamp switching, dimming, monitoring, and the like. Because each lamp has an IP, it can realize the functions of geolocation, remote control, status tracking, etc., to achieve road conditions, road public facilities, and to respond to urban public and emergency events. .

Reminder: Any mistakes in installing solar garden lights will affect the normal lighting of the garden lights. Therefore, remember to pay attention to the wiring connection and installation precautions of the solar garden lights during installation, so that the garden lights can perform well in daily use.

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