Solar street lamps quality skills

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
For users to purchase the high quality of solar street light is vital, but many users are professionals, it is see the pros and cons of solar street light. Therefore, in this I teach you use some simple techniques to test the quality of the solar street light. Can we look for led solar street lamp, lamp holder, the led lamp holder, it is the thickness of the shell is a very key factor. The inside of the street lamp holder structure with aluminum plate, aluminum sheet and constant current source these constructs, than the size of these items and its thickness can determine the basic lamp quality. Second, the rural solar street lamps use battery is special energy storage battery, the sham as the genuine street lamp market, now there are many small company by using the power energy storage battery is the most common, which greatly damage the life span of the solar street light. Third, the solar street light pole is hot dip galvanized coating or cold galvanizing coating, galvanized, plastic spraying and cold galvanized coating difference between incision of hot galvanizing on the cut still have plating, cold galvanized no coating on the cut. Half a set of lamp holder is 60, wall thickness of 2. 8 or so. Bottom has relationship with height, and a taper ratio, wall thickness at about 4. Hot dip galvanized light pole general life in more than 20, and cold galvanizing light pole life generally at about 1 year. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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