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Zhuhai LED street lamps will achieve full coverage in 2015

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-25
The renovation was started two years later. Compared with the old-fashioned high-pressure sodium lamp, LED has high penetration and low energy consumption and long service life, making it a new generation of energy-saving light source with the advantage of replacing traditional light sources in the world. In response to the relevant requirements of the state and Guangdong province, Zhuhai city signed a framework agreement for the provinces and cities to jointly build a green lighting demonstration city in Guangdong province in November 2010. The following year, Zhuhai city signed a letter of responsibility and promised to complete the renovation of LED street lamps in the city by 2013. However, due to various reasons, the bidding work of the project was not started until the end of 2012. The renovation project was not carried out in time, mainly because the management model was discussed. According to the Zhuhai municipal garden and forestry bureau, the Guangdong provincial science and technology department has designed a contract energy management (EMC) Supply chain management is a financial business model, that is, supply chain companies are responsible for 75 of the financing, and carry out LED product selection and quality control within the scope of the benchmark product catalog, the local contract energy management company is responsible for the financing of 15 and the specific implementation of the project. However, many cities do not have a high degree of acceptance of this model. After more than a year of investigation, Zhuhai has greatly liberalized the original model, that is to say, as long as the purchased LED street lamp products are within the scope of the catalogue of recommended purchasing products for green lighting demonstration cities in Guangdong province and the renovation requirements are completed within two years, the renovation expenses shall be paid in advance by the winning bidder, after the completion of the renovation, it will be returned by the financial department in installments within 5 years. According to the relevant contract, the shelf life of the winning LED product is also 5 years, during which the maintenance costs due to quality problems will be borne by the winning bidder. The warranty period is short and the maintenance cost is high. LED street lamps have a certain gap in terms of energy conservation and emission reduction as originally expected, said the relevant person in charge of Zhuhai Municipal Garden and agriculture bureau. As far as the 26847 LED street lamps used in the first phase are concerned, they save about 12. 82 million kilowatt hours of electricity compared with the original street lamps, with a saving rate of 65, but they have not achieved the expected energy saving effect. In addition, LED street lamps involve more management and maintenance issues. The person in charge said that the transformation of LED street lamps is not simple. It is necessary to rebuild the lamp poles, design new lamp source production, sample testing, equipment supply, installation and commissioning, trial operation, completion acceptance, maintenance, fault maintenance, personnel training, and the handover and completion acceptance of the lamp source after the end of the contract energy management period wait, only in this way can the energy-saving replacement of LED lamps be realized. The failure maintenance rate of this batch of street lamps is 20. The relevant person in charge of Dehao Runda Electric Co. , Ltd. , one of the suppliers of LED street lamps in Zhuhai, said that LED street lamps have higher installation standards on lamp poles, while Zhuhai is a typhoon-prone place, which has great destructive power on street lamps. It is understood that the power of LED street lamps currently used in Zhuhai is about 150 watts per lamp, the price per watt is about 20 yuan, and the price of a street lamp bulb is about 3000 yuan. Once the street lamp is damaged, maintenance costs are at least 3000 yuan. The warranty period for the first batch of street lamps is 5 years. What to do after 5 years is a question being discussed by relevant departments in Zhuhai. Some insiders have analyzed that the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp has a long life of only more than 2 years, and the real application of LED street lamps in China is only 4 years, although theoretically it can be guaranteed for 5 years, however, there is no successful case for the stability and service life of the product. If the use effect decays after 5 years, the service life will be accelerated. If it is replaced after 5 years, it will cost a lot of money, and it will be difficult to manage the renovation project. The person in charge said helplessly. Public data show that Zhuhai's first batch of LED street lamp renovation cost more than 88 million yuan, but the head of relevant departments revealed that the actual cost exceeded this amount. It is difficult to complete the replacement of LED street lamps in the main city next year. The relevant person in charge of Zhuhai Municipal Garden and forestry bureau said frankly that at present, the functional departments of each district in Zhuhai are responsible for the renovation of LED street lamps, which are mainly responsible for the renovation of 50 thousand LED street lamps in Xiangzhou's main urban area, the first phase of the project covers about 2 main roads. 70 thousand pieces, the second phase of the project will cover all the urban branch roads, and strive to be completed in the first half of next year. The second phase of the project is currently designing a bidding plan. It is expected that the first phase of the business management model will be used, and the official external bidding will begin in October.
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