The integration of street lamp market is gradually expanding

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
With the industry mature and standards, the core enterprises rapidly expanding industrial chain integration street lamp business scale, rich business coverage, perfect the industrial layout, industrial concentration will be continually improved, light pole industry will break the pattern of history, the formation of a national and even global business, to focus on. Because the products are highly integrated, the need for software technical support, partly due to the upgrade of technical barriers, in intelligent street lamp operating mode, the integration of street lamp manufacturer puts forward higher requirements on the product, the product unit price is much higher than ordinary street lamps, this makes the technical barriers and geographical advantage is no longer a competitive advantage of the local street lamp manufacturers. The lights for lighting industry, the integration of the vigorous development has brought new opportunities for the partition of street lighting. Local vendors have geographical advantage in bidding procurement, distribution, resulting in a large number of local lighting manufacturers in the parties, the overall market concentration. Integration of the whole street market is gradually expanding.
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