The development of led solar street light have been changed

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
From now the face of the led solar street light industry development, led solar street light or there is a market, it is worth far more than just lighting so simple. Led solar street light has been changed, the pursuit to innovation, technology and price advantage. Down in the tide of rapid development of clean energy, solar energy street lamp position gradually revealed. First is the application of LED, LED also belong to the energy conservation and environmental protection products, when the LED is large-scale applied to outdoor lighting, greatly enhance the performance of the solar LED street light, followed by the progress of photovoltaic panels conversion efficiency and lead-acid batteries & other; Abdication & throughout; 。 These changes make led solar street lamps in the true sense of green products, from the start is not demanding, easy to install to energy conservation and environmental protection, solar street lamps finished a significant transformation. However the led solar street lamps and did not raise prices because of the rapid development of technology, with the support of national special subsidy policy and various solar energy street lamp manufacturers in the fierce competition, prices on the decline.
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