Specific process of fixed light transformation

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
Last we've talked to the stationary light, way of modification, said that now we detailed under stationary light, transformation of the specific process. First of all, according to the reconstruction of port construction projects, expansion, docks, freight yard, whether to need to Ann, lamp holder let rise in a certain distance, after the lock claw rise to the surface, stop rising and start landing lamp holder, lock claw when falling, contact with the lock block D physiognomy, the counterclockwise rotation Angle, thus over the lock, the lamp holder can be smoothly down to the bottom of the rod. Thus determine the stationary high lamp renovation plan. According to the actual production schedule, the lifting of light, arrange production in advance. According to the production status of the terminal and homework assignments, based on the fixed high lamp will transform from full discharge. Then was ready to lift outdoor high lamp installation modification on the berth, about two days, can be used. To remove the stationary light back to factory,, making it a lift high lamp. The modified high lamp, again for the new position or the next to transform.
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