Solar street lamps outdoor lighting application representative in China

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Because of the new type of urbanization construction, designs city-lighting project within the scope of both at home and abroad. And solar street lamps also gradually from the functional role to the decorative role transformation, not only have the effect of lighting, solar street lamps at the same time also to beautify the role in the urban landscape. In outdoor lamps and lanterns, solar road lights development potential is great, become the representative of outdoor lighting application solar street light. Street lights up areas by the original high pressure sodium lamp for energy saving of led solar street light, bring more energy saving of road lighting for citizens. Compared with high pressure sodium lamp, solar street lamps lighting effect is good, power reduction, more energy conservation and environmental protection. In this way, the same power consumption, on the basis of the brightness of the solar street lights will be higher, but the benefits can also benefit in the drivers on the road. Almost all ordinary street lamps have a & other; The light black & throughout; Problem, peripheral bright, but under the street light but dark; The solar street light due to the change in brightness and light distribution way, can the basic path to avoid this kind of light and shade staggered & other; A zebra crossing effect & throughout; 。 Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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