Rural led solar street light with the advantages of technology is widely used

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Rural led solar street light in addition to energy conservation and environmental protection low carbon, and the advantages of long life good lighting, mainly it can realize the intelligent control, intelligent lighting system better induction dimming technology, can have a design of lamps and lanterns and light source etc. We all know that rural don't consume electricity, solar street lamps in the rural road construction, rural solar street light with the advantages of technology, the use of solar panels into electricity, used for lighting, broke the limitations of traditional street lamps use mains, implement the rural self-sufficient lighting, solve the rural power consumption, high electricity bills. In the countryside of led solar street light configuration, cannot leave the led light source, solar panels, battery, controller and system configuration scheme of the light pole, and rural led solar street light control system must ensure good lighting in time and rainy weather. General rural led solar street light configuration scheme for the power of 15 w - 30 w leds can be just as bright light source lighting needs, can according to the need to allocate.
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