LED street light at present and the future development direction

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-08
Not all places are suitable for installation of energy saving solar lighting lamps and lanterns, such as the city's main road must be LED street lamp. LED street light quality is stable and reliable, and can reduce better after-sales maintenance, very suitable for the city of the future contract energy level in lamp project, so in the future the lamps and lanterns of low prices will not be in large-scale urban scale in light wave dominate. Outdoor LED road lighting performance is becoming more and more to develop in the direction of light distribution, at the same time in terms of high photosynthetic efficiency will not blindly pursue too much, can find a photosynthetic efficiency and price balance. Future mains LED lights will add additional functionality, such as electric, control, additional features such as the Internet of things, such not only can better improve the added value of the lamps and lanterns, also very accord with future demand for the integration of the development of the city. And with the development of 5 g, LED lights will usher in a major & other; Throughout the reform &; 。 The current lighting we have to do is to ensure product quality stability, affordable, stand out in the peer also calculate, win more customers trust. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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