Led solar street lamp lithium battery has more advantages

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
In the past twenty years, lithium battery is believed to be reliable battery technology. Therefore, led solar street light lithium battery is likely to have more advantages. Most batteries don't like high temperature, because of the high temperature will reduce the service life of batteries. On the other hand, the influence of temperature to the traditional battery than the impact on the solar cell. Temperature for more than 20 degrees Celsius, will soon lead to reduce battery life. On the contrary, the lithium battery can tolerate temperatures, but no more than 45 degrees Celsius. Lead battery and lithium battery under the condition of the cold weather will lose considerable energy capacity. However, the traditional batteries and the effects of lead is more serious. In - 20 oc, important energy capacity of lead batteries can be reduced to 30%. Under the condition of the same discharge, lithium battery solar street lamps have maintained about 82% of the energy capacity. Lithium battery in high temperature and cold areas, such as mountains, can use a longer time. Therefore, led solar street lamps use advantages of lithium battery will be better, after technical improvement, there are more and more people know about solar street light. Also more willing to use the led solar street light lithium battery.
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