LED lights use is the artery of the city

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
The height of the LED street light pole should be according to the width of the road, the spacing of lamps and lanterns, road illumination to determine. The choice of lamps and lanterns of shell really need to choose according to our users, and between the beautiful and energy saving, energy-saving, most of them choose lamps and lanterns of cosmetic requirements is not high, relatively practical doers of the word street light path is the artery of the city. The main lighting for LED street light, LED road lights on the road is set to to provide the necessary visibility to vehicles and pedestrians at night lighting. LED street lamp lighting can satisfy traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, and is advantageous to the road traffic capacity and traffic. Of course, outdoor LED street lamp adornment effect, also has the enhancement road beautify the city at night, can also be called is a different landscape in the roads. LED street lamps to light distribution is reasonable, it has very good light source has a long service life, use all the year round. High light efficiency, good, can the characteristics of the instantaneous start work normally under ultra-low temperature. Save electricity, product design, appearance each different type of variety, and combination of optimal performance can be achieved after encapsulation component, ensure the LED street light waterproof. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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