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LED lighting market will reach US $35. 3 billion in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
With China's LED industry facing overcapacity, LED prices have dropped rapidly and began to grow into the lighting market. According to TrendForce research, the LED lighting market will reach 35. 3 billion US dollars in 2014, up from this year. 8. Optimistic about this market, analog chip design factory Dialog recently acquired digital power management chip supplier iWatt, entered the LED market, and launched a 16-channel LED Backlight Drive power iW7025. Dialog used to focus on the development of highly integrated mixed signal integrated circuits, aiming at iWatt's position in the AC/DC Adapter Market. The power conversion business group (Original iWatt) Scott Brown, vice president of the division, pointed out that by acquiring iWatt, Dialog can gain a dominant position in the terminal market by integrating its advantages in digital power control and AC/DC power conversion. Due to the complex LED structure, heat dissipation is a big challenge. LiangYan, vice president of Dialog system engineering and marketing division, pointed out that the design of digital power supply can reduce the problem of poor LED heat dissipation. Therefore, Dialog also absorbed iWatt's rich experience in LEDASSP and entered the LED market, launching iW7019, iW1679, iW1766/67 and other products. Scott Brown said that compared with its competitors, Dialog reduces LED current and LED heat dissipation through the advantages of power management, while achieving the goal of low cost. In addition, Dialog also released a new LED Backlight Drive power iW7025 on the 15th, expanding Dialog's target market to LCD TV backlight power management. IW7025 is a 16-channel LED Backlight Drive power supply, which adopts patented short-circuit protection technology to improve the image quality of the next generation 2D and 3DLCD televisions. Because LED televisions often face a big challenge-how to greatly reduce dynamic blur and improve contrast, while traditional LED driving power supplies usually require complex calculations and algorithms to configure LED current phase, in order to make the LCD panel backlight and the film refresh rate achieve good synchronization. For this reason, Dialog uses patented dimming technology AnyMode to completely synchronize the same or higher frequency with the film with continuous and discontinuous PWM signals, thus reducing the complexity of the design. Scott Brown pointed out that iW7025 can not only reduce the cost of parts, but also meet the requirements of medium to large screens for different sizes under the same model, and can meet the specifications of the existing TV power supply system without a separate voltage source.
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