LED lighting industry raises unlimited business opportunities

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-18
As a large domestic manufacturer of energy-saving lamps, sunshine lighting has always been troubled by relying too much on a single customer. At the beginning of its listing, the company's 50 businesses were OEM for Philips. Under such circumstances, the company is eager to expand new customers and spread risks. The rise of LED in the lighting industry has given sunshine lighting opportunities. Compared with the traditional lighting industry with stable market, LED is a new field, and the advantages of traditional giants are not very obvious. Under such circumstances, sunshine lighting entered the LED industry and continuously expanded the LED production capacity. Through overseas layout, it obtained Osram and Lowes, which are no less than Philips's major customers, and solved the dependency of major customers. The opportunities brought by LED, sunshine lighting, which started with energy-saving lamps, have been plagued by a single customer. At the beginning of listing, sunshine lighting was a large domestic energy-saving lamp manufacturer, but the problem encountered by the company at that time was that the proportion of a single customer was too large. At that time, sunshine lighting mainly produced Philips OEM energy-saving lamp products. The company's energy-saving lamp 50 business is for Philips, and the dependence of large customers is too high. In this case, it is important to open up new customers and new fields. With the rise of LED concept, the company saw hope. As in the lighting industry, LED began to replace incandescent lamps, which will be a subversive change to the traditional lighting industry. For the Giants of the original lighting industry, incandescent lamps are facing withdrawal, which will undoubtedly hit their original share. For LED, this is a new field, although the original established enterprises have advantages in brand and scale, but at least the advantage is not as obvious as that of incandescent lamps, which provides other companies with the opportunity to compete for market share. Through a series of efforts, the company finally opened up the situation. In 2013, sunshine lighting obtained Osram, Osram (Osram) It is a century-old German enterprise and was once a subsidiary of Siemens. It developed independently in July 2013. The company has the same status as Philips in the lighting field. In the same year, sunshine lighting wanted to supply Lowes, the second largest home improvement retail store in North America. Currently, in addition to Philips, Osram (Osram) In addition to these large overseas customers such as Lowes, the company is conducting preliminary negotiations with more than 20 overseas customers to enrich the number of customers. Entering the LED industry, sunshine lighting seized the opportunity during the LED transformation period. In 2011, sunshine lighting raised funds to invest in LED lighting projects through private placement. Since then, with the LED projects reaching production, the company has expanded its industry. In China, sunshine lighting cooperates with San'an Optoelectronics to fight against the industry giant Dehao Runda. In September 2013, sunshine lighting signed a cooperation agreement with San'an Optoelectronics to establish a joint venture company sunshine San'an lighting company, of which sunshine lighting accounted for of the shares. San'an Optoelectronics is a major domestic manufacturer of LED chips, and sunshine lighting is the lighting leader in the downstream. It has more than 3000 distribution and distributor resources and its network is spread all over the country. The cooperation between the two sides can give full play to their respective advantages. Prior to December 2012, Dehao Runda held the Hong Kong listed company NVC Lighting, forming a huge LED empire. Dehao Runda passed the Hong Kong subsidiary to 13. 4. 3 billion yuan won NVC Lighting 20. 05 Shares, become a major shareholder. Although NVC Lighting has been shut down since 2012 and is not well managed, the company still has a certain market share and a strong distribution channel. Through mergers and acquisitions, Dehao Runda has obtained a mature distribution network of NVC Lighting, and NVC Lighting itself is technically at the domestic level. Through mergers and acquisitions, NVC Lighting has become an industry giant. In foreign countries, sunshine lighting enters the Australian market. On January, Xiamen sunshine Enai Lighting Co. , Ltd. , a subsidiary of sunshine lighting, plans to set up a subsidiary of 1 million euros. The name of the company is Australia aint Lighting Co. , Ltd, the company's main targets are retail supermarkets and e-commerce markets. Australia has a pivotal position in the LED industry. Australia is committed to promoting LED lighting in an all-round way. It is a region that banned incandescent lamps and discontinued incandescent lamps in 2009. Under this background, the market share of LED in Australia is over 1. 6 billion dollars, and more than half of the market share comes from Chinese imports. Establish subsidiaries to expand production capacity in addition, the company establishes its own subsidiaries to expand LED production capacity. In 2013, sunshine lighting established its subsidiary Jinzhai sunshine lighting with 5 million yuan in Jinzhai county, Anhui province. The company is mainly engaged in LED light sources and lamps. The establishment of the Jinzhai subsidiary mainly focuses on the local low-cost labor market. After that, on January 2014, the company decided to increase the capital of the subsidiary by 45 million, showing the company's intention to further expand production capacity. The company shipped about 30 million LED light sources in 2013, and the production capacity still needs to be improved. At the same time, the company's Shangyu headquarters has an annual output of 60 million (Set) The industrialization project of LED lighting products will start production in May 2013, releasing production capacity, which will bring profits to the company for a long time in the future. Previously, the company invested in energy-saving lamps in order to expand LED production capacity. 2012 Year-end the company will 2011 set zeng mu fund-raising gold was for energy-saving lamps of funds out 50 more than investment LED. The original capital investment 1. 0. 5 billion micro-mercury environmental protection and energy-saving lamp industrialization projects require funds 4. RMB 79. 9 billion. But that year, the company decided to change this project to 75 million micro-mercury environmental protection energy-saving lamps, and the capital also changed to 2. 0. 1 billion yuan, surplus funds invested in LED projects. Many times of capital adjustment undoubtedly shows the determination of the company to be big LED.
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