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LED lighting enterprises will face greater challenges in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-29
In the past year, there have been all kinds of voices for the LED industry: Praise, Criticism, good words, bad words, but in a word, the controversial 2013 has passed, 2014 is a year to test LED enterprises and bosses. There will be more challenges waiting for bosses to think and solve in 2014. First of all, the relevant LED national policy dividends will soon disappear. A boss said: Last year we got 0. 1 billion yuan from the government support fund, and this year we can get 10 million yuan. The policy funds that local governments used to support enterprises are difficult to obtain, so bosses must find ways to make profits from the market. Second, the advantages of traditional marketing are reduced. Traditional marketing methods and strategies have lost their existing advantages, because customers under the age of 30 seldom go shopping, and most of them use online shopping. This makes the traditional marketing enterprises lose their advantages and it is necessary to restart the marketing strategy in the Internet field. Third, facing the change from single marketing to overall marketing or even overall cross-industry marketing. German customers tell us that the overall lighting scheme is becoming more and more popular in Germany, while customers are buying fewer and fewer lamps of a single variety, gradually tending to design lighting lamps with the overall home, it is even required to provide the entire home accessory products, that is, packaged with products such as ceramics, furniture, lamps and other pan-home products. Fourth, from single advantage to the pursuit of overall advantage. There is a factory with strong hardware processing capacity and low cost. In the traditional era, but now I feel that I have no money to earn in a year and the profits are getting lower and lower. The reason is that customers no longer require only hardware lamps, but provide a complete set of lamps including power supply and chips, which lack the competitiveness of power supply and chips, thus losing the advantages of hardware and single item. The success and failure of an enterprise, 99. 9 depends on enterprise decision makers, 2014 is a year to test them, and those who are eliminated will definitely be self-locked enterprise decision makers. In the Internet age, you have to turn, all enterprises must transform. How to do horse success? The method is to run on the back of the horse, because people can't run the horse, running in front of the horse and chasing behind the horse can't surpass the horse. Ma is a new policy, technology and business model. In order to succeed in the year of the horse, bosses and decision makers should know how to keep pace with the times and keep learning and making progress so that enterprises can keep pace with the times and succeed immediately!
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