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LED industry to expand to household market in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-01
After the LED industry experienced the rectification of eliminating the weak and leaving the strong in 2013, the expansion of production will be restarted in 2014, with a low tide for many years. Relevant testing equipment manufacturers are very optimistic about the outlook for orders after the Lunar New Year, wangsi, Zhimao, Jiuyuan, etc. can benefit simultaneously, and the growth momentum in 2014 can be expected. According to the prediction of research institutions, the shipment volume of MOCVD will reach 260 units in 2014, which is 4 times as large as this year and also reaches a new high in recent years. The LED industry will start a new expansion wave, the main demand kinetic energy comes from Europe, America, Japan, China and other countries that have banned incandescent bulbs one after another. The price of LED lighting has also come to a sweet spot and has begun to develop into a household market with explosive demand. Wang Si's supervisor revealed that the demand for customer orders after the Lunar New Year in 2014 will begin to increase, and it is estimated that the shipment performance of relevant LED testing equipment is expected to surge in multiples compared with this year. Wangsi LED testing equipment shipped about 400 ~ 500 units, a low in nearly 4 years. Jiuyuan also said that the long-term demand for crystal power, the main customer, is expected to grow. Therefore, plans have been made for the expansion of China's Xiamen factory and Changzhou, with monthly production capacity ranging from 3 billion to 0. 2 billion, the number has increased to 4. 5 billion and 0. 7 billion. The new production capacity will be fully in place in June 2014. In the future, it will actively strive for orders from large local LED factories in China. Looking forward to 2014, Jiuyuan is expected to have a 2-digit growth in addition to the growth of LED picking OEM business, including IC testing and automation equipment. Huang Qinming, chairman of Zhimao, a large measuring equipment factory, also said that with the increasing penetration rate of the LED lighting market, the demand for related equipment has begun to return to temperature. In addition, Dongjie turned to invest 76 Fulin technology to work silently LED ( LightEmittingDiode, light emitting diode) The vacuum evaporation machine market has been in the market for a long time, accounting for more than 90 in the domestic market. In China, it also took a 50 market share and became the golden chicken mother of the company. At present, it has good visibility, thanks to the promising demand for LED lighting, Fulin's orders are expected to rise.
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