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LED has significant advantages in ancient buildings

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-21
Ancient buildings are historical relics and cultural resources, and have gone through countless ages and the baptism of nature. They are, and must have reliable protection to achieve modern lighting design and implementation. This puts forward different lighting requirements for ancient buildings. The ancient buildings are exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays during the day, and they are exposed to ultraviolet rays from high-pressure gas discharge lamps at night, which accelerates the damage of the surface appearance of ancient buildings. In recent years, LED lighting equipment has developed rapidly, and various professional lamps can better meet the needs of special decorative lighting such as ancient buildings. It not only has the characteristics of small volume, small power and saturated color, but also does not have ultraviolet light. The appearance of lamps during the day will not affect the overall landscape of the building, at night, it will not cause UV damage to the building and the night sky, and it can also embellish the appearance of the building. In the ancient building lighting, LED shows the advantages: first, safe lighting system: LED light source power is small and all low-voltage drive, no large heat accumulation after solving the heat dissipation problem, the requirements for safety and fire prevention are easily met. Second, green and environmentally friendly lighting products: the light source has no infrared and ultraviolet rays and will not damage cultural relics. At the same time, the light source does not contain mercury and will not cause environmental pollution. It is a real green lighting product. Third, small size in design, there is room for Full Play. It has the functions of point lighting, surface lighting and local lighting. It is suitable for artistic lighting display and has a very large design space. Four, long service life, up to tens of thousands of hours, low maintenance costs. Among them, pinneng Optoelectronics has developed a LED floodlight for ancient buildings specifically for the characteristics of ancient buildings, using LumiLEDs1W high-power ultra-high brightness LED. Its installation is simple and diverse, and its style is novel and exquisite. It can not only meet the requirements of lighting brightness, but also basically cannot see the existence of light source during the day because of its small size. Therefore, it will not destroy the beautiful scenery of ancient buildings during the day. This product has been successfully applied to Xi'an, Yunnan Tengchong County and Heshun overseas Chinese township, and has been well received by lighting designers and owners. I hope that in the near future, more and more Chinese ancient buildings will show their more charming charm against the backdrop of ultra-high brightness LED.
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