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led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP

led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP

Led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP

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Company Advantages
1. Designed with novelty and functionality, ALLTOP 20w led floodlight has a clean lines structure which catches up with the market demand of simplicity, and it enjoys great popularities. The product is totally energy-saving and eco-friendly and does no pollution to the environment
2. By using this product, business owners will less likely to witness workplace accidents and workman’s compensation claims. The design of the product's structure is compact and beautiful
3. The product has the advantage of stable mechanical properties. Having been treated under extremely cold temperatures, its mechanical components are tensile enough to withstand extreme industrial conditions. Customized products can be made to satisfy the needs of customers


led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-1 

led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-2 

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Item No




        5077D150-01         5077D200-01





              150W               200W

LED Chip

Osram LED 20W

Osram LED 50W

Osram LED 100W

     Osram LED 150W      Osram LED 200W

Lamp Size




        270*348*62mm          270*348*62mm 

Power Factor




                ≥0.95                ≥0.95

Input Voltage

 AC85-265V 50/60Hz

 AC85-265V 50/60Hz

 AC85-265V 50/60Hz

  AC85-265V 50/60Hz
  AC85-265V 50/60Hz

Color Temperature


IP Rating





Aluminum Alloy



product description
led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-6
LED flood light 

1. High brightness  stable performance long longevity and low power consumption

2. Stable current , by high efficient and wide voltage constant current driver   

3. Mounting bracket can be rotated 180 degrees to facilitate the installation

4. It provides even, bright illumination across a wide area   

5. Waterproof design, ideal even for outdoor use

6. Place / hang / nail as you want 

led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-7
High Efficacy LED Source
LED Flood Light are using Osram Chip source, providing high lumen efficiency, long-lasting stability and splendid sight.
led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-8
IP65 Outdoor Waterproof
Multiple barrier seal design,rain and dust are seamless easy to adapt to all kinds of weather.
led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-9
High-Efficiency Heat Dissipation
Offers high-efficiency heat dissipation
Airon exchange in the body
Reduce the LED and drive operating temperature
Packing Adventages
led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-10
Attached installation manual
Match installation screw
We use K=K strong yellow carton outer package
Printing the product pictures on the boxes                                

led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-11               
led flood light free design for warehouse ALLTOP-12               

Company Features
1. Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD has integrated design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales in 20w led floodlight . At present, the company enjoys a stable market share in domestic, and it will gradually expand its position and influence in the international markets. Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD has a seasoned R&D team.
2. Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD focuses on technological innovation.
3. Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD constantly implements the research and development to improve its competitiveness. It is the eternal tenet for Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD to pursue 30 watt led floodlight housing . Inquiry!
The product is well built and really bright as specified on the listing. After installation it worked perfectly fine but if I have a negative thing to say about it is the distance of the sensor. I have it on 20 feet high but the sensor seems to detect only at the range of 15 ft. The listing says 50 feet. I tried all the angles but really can’t get a good distance. I doesn’t reach to the point where I really want it to detect and turn on the light. Its about 30 ft. It would have been perfect.
It's very bright and has very good quality in material and design. Highly recommend it.
I made mine work under and eve. I don’t think it was designed for that I believe it was wall mount on late but it can’t be done. I unhook the sensor and flipped it 180° out. I have owned this for a few years now and seems to work nicely. I Purchased other brands and had issues with them.
I bought 1 of these to replace a 2 bulb flood lamp unit that lights the back yard when the dogs are out after dark. The LED unit covers a much wider area than the old unit. It is amazingly bright as well. I have since bought a second one and replaced a second flood light setup. These lights do an excellent job.
I like being able to adjust the unit at different angles. The electrician installed the unit and I checked it out and it works just fine...It sensed me sooner than I thought it would which is great..
We really like this outdoor light. It is not overwhelming but producing enough light to read. The motion detector is reliable and I like the override feature. We would buy another one in s heartbeat
Brilliant! Both the quality of the product and the brightness of the light. I installed this over my garage and absolutely love the flexibility to angle the lights more easily than other models I have installed. Motion sensor is average compared to other installs I have done for this type of product. Reaches about one and a half to two car lengths down my driveway and has decent amount of radius from side to side.
Very rarely do reviews but when I buy a product these days that just does what they say it is supposed to do I am more than pleased! So... Yea, well made materials, easy installation, Motion sensor reacts as promised, all settings work, and its a nice bright security light. Thats it! Purchase with confidence.
really bright, mounted mine horizontally, so not ideal for them, but they do work well - now if they last a few years i'll be ecstatic about them
The best and last light you will need. It lights up almost all of my back yard. Works great!!!!
I like the brightness of these lights . Functions are variable which can suit your needs .
The only motion light I'll ever buy, works lije it should and is the britest lights I ever had
It's a very bright light definitely but in my opinion the motion sensor thing doesn't trigger unless you get closer, I have it in my garage and it's more than 10 ft high and I did follow the instructions but still seems like instead of 50ft distance detection, is more like 15 to 20 ft distance only, which it's still okay but not what I was hoping to be.
We bought this to replace another light that got water in it and stopped working. This one is much brighter. So far working well.
It is bright and lights up as it is suppose to. Only thing I wish it lights us from a little further than it does.
This light is bright and easy to install. Big fan of Sansi products!
Best unit(s) i have ever had (having gone thru a dozen different models over the years). Very bright with quality sensitivity without false activations. Whenever triggered, there is always something in the yard (rabbits, etc.). So far so good.
Nice will order again
excellent very bright light - have 2 of them now in my front yard.. daylight!
how do I contac sansi lighting direct 2 led lights failed
I've had this product for about a month and so far, it's great! The LED lights are super bright, and the motion sensor works well. It can detect my cat from a second story mount. I'll probably replace some of my other old outdoor lights with these. If I have any problems, I'll update this review.
Replaced an old halogen light that needed new bulbs. This is much brighter. Very pleased with it.
very bright!!!
For a pricey spotlight like this, I was very surprised at how limited the sensor range is. We're getting _maybe_ 15', sometimes less.
over all i'm happy with it so far, especially for the price. now if it stands the test of time. i'd give 5 stars but i dont have any thing to compare it to
Very bright!! Will work perfectly where we want them!! 6 more to order very soon :)
Purchased this a couple of months ago. Installed it about a month ago. This light is really great, nice bright white light. I mounted it about 15 feet or so up on our house to illuminate our pool and backyard. I mounted horizontally and angled it down slightly. This throws a really long distance. I estimate easily over 200 feet maybe 300. Have to wait to the trees at the back lose their leaves. So something to think about if you have neighbors in the direction that it is shining. Installation was easy enough. Like another reviewer instructions are light, but it's pretty straight forward. They use European colors so blue for neutral and brown for hot. It comes with masonry anchors. I bought some toggle bolts and used that instead. If you have a traditional electrical box for a spot light this isn't going to cover or match up. So you'll need to improvise a bit there, basically get a cover for it.
I've had it installed lighting my backyard for a few weeks now, and I'm very satisfied with the performance and quality of the system. The adjustments; time on, brightness of area to turn on, and motion sensitivity allows you to tailor the performance to your needs. My back yard is 40' x 60' and I've got a wooded area beyond that. I installed the light vertically, but in hindsight maybe it would have been better horizontally, allowing me to pivot the outer lights to the sides to maximize side to side coverage. I was concerned though, given the height at which I installed it (9FT), and an inability to pivot down the lights a bit (does not offer this adjustment if installed horizontally), that that I would not get good lighting coverage. So, I installed vertically and I get great center/depth coverage, pivoting each of the lights slightly downward, lighting an area of about 35' x 40' really well with the fringe areas side to side a bit darker. Although the power cable is about 2FT long, I already had a gang box in the general vicinity, so I did not have to extend the cable. I fashioned a cover for the gang box, pulled the cable though it, made the electrical connection, caulked and painted the cover the color of the house. Proved to be a really clean a simple install!
Works great. Very bright, had to point it at a wall and point the sensor towards the walk way. Did find out one thing, they will not go on if you have red christmas lights near them. Not sure why, but when the red lights are off the light works. The sensor can be adjusted to stay on longer. Plus the distance it can be adjusted.
This thing was brighter than I thought but I like it. Instructions were pretty clear. Covers a large area. Would buy again. We'll see how long it lasts.
Love the brightness of the light but haven’t been able to get the motion sensor to work past 10 ft. Update: I updated from 3 stars to 5 stars because the customer service is excellent. I was sent a new motion sensor but unfortunately didn’t increase the distance. It is getting cooler here in Florida (84 degrees vs 98) and the temperature change does seem to effect the distance the motion sensor will activate the light. Satsun was willing to go above and beyond my expectations to solve the issue
Awesome lights up the place like the sun is out the motion detectors detect quite sensitivity the only thing I didn't like it after I bought the first two I went back to buy another 10 but they went from $27 to like $40 so I'll wait until the price drops again
I like the light so far. Of course I have only had it for about a month or so now. It was easy to install and it's bright. I installed it on a house that I'm renting to someone. When the tenet put Christmas lights near it at night, it would not turn on. I'm assuming it wasn't dark enough with the Christmas lights near it. I think I can probably adjust the sensitivity to take care of that though. It's been a good light so far. I also purchased one for my father's pier. I'll be interested to see how it holds up being exposed to the somewhat salty air (only brackish water).
Extremely bright. Easy installation. Lights up half acre. Have two and just ordered a third.
Great product. Instructions on how to set for time, sensitivity, and distance are pretty vague. I still haven’t the right settings. Light works well but it will just take a few trial and error adjustments to get what you want. This is a sturdy well made product
For the price you would think that the product would be cheaply made, but it's not. Taking it out of the box you can see that it's a well made product, with stainless steel screws on the mounting bracket. I installed it in 10 minutes. It took my another 10 minutes to set the controls to the setting that I wanted.
Bright. Works good.
Powerful and efficient, lights up the yard and driveway well! I purchased 4 of them for my security system.
Very happy with this light for the price.
Good light very bright, just what I was looking for to light up seldom used back stairway. I would absolutely buy this again.
Awesome! Great product and price.
Nice and bright!
Liked everything !!!
Nice product
Good quality led sensing light. All metal construction.
Great quality and very bright. Seems to be built very well.
Very bright light. The motion sensor works well and is able to be adjusted to my liking; however, about 15-20% of the time, the light activates at dark. The light will stay on for hours unless I reset manually. I hate having to do this and wasting electricity. Update: Customer Service has contacted me and are sending another unit. They obviously care about their reputation and their customers. I have upgraded them to 4 stars and will see if the new unit does the same thing or not. Thank you LOFTEK for standing behind your product. New Update: New unit is working just as it is supposed to.
This is my 3rd LED flood light I've bought from Sansi and it has always been a great buy. I've installed one for my parents home, my brother has one in his back yard, and I just put this in my back yard as well. All are super bright and look great. I used to have the old halogen flood light and these are so much cleaner white(daylight white). I had to angle these down lower since they light up to my neighbors back yard. :D I can't believe how bright they are, but man they are so well built. I saw they just release another flood light with cam.... I'm so temped to buy that one as well and place it in the front of the house. Great overall purchase! LOVE IT! :)
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