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ISLE exhibition 'international fan' is full, buyers at home and abroad gather

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-10
The 2018 Guangzhou International advertising logo and LED exhibition and Guangzhou International large screen display Technology and Application Exhibition (Hereinafter referred to as: ISLE) It will open on March 3. This industry feast will last for 4 days and will focus on displaying advertising signs, new technologies and new products of LED industry chain. Promotion footprints all over the ISLE overseas promotion project team's footprints have spread all over South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, India, the United States, Russia, Dubai, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Australia and other dozens of countries and regions, across the five continents of the world, nearly 30 industry events have launched cooperation invitations. The invited exhibitors all said that they had heard about the ISLE exhibition. At the same time, ISLE has also reached cooperation with several domestic exhibitions. In 2018, the proportion of domestic and foreign buyers participating in ISLE exhibition will rise again, achieving a leap-forward growth. Powerful exhibitors gathered in 2018, leading enterprises in various industries gathered in ISLE, such as Abison, Liad, Zhou Ming, Lehman, Regent, Aurora King, Zhongyuan display, Guangxiang, de Guangxin, Spirit star rain, Huan Yu Lanbo, Nova, mulinsen, GKG, Chenglian, Zhongzheng zero, Bailian Mingzhuo, Huaxin, Liangxin, Lanqi, Shuntai, Avery, fast news, Jingcai, baijiayi, Senfeng, Guangxu, Tongxing, xinquanli, dineng, Parkson electronics and some foreign exhibitors. Quality Forum activities ISLE will hold more than 25 Quality Forum activities in 2018. This exhibition will also invite display & Digital signage overview and editor-in-chief Mr. Kawada Hiroshi, currently an image journalist, holds key positions in many professional logo media in Japan and is also a professional image critic in Japan, he has more than 30 years of experience in reporting the large image industry and has published the professional book 'successful large image Business 」. During the exhibition, Mr. Kawada Hongzhi will be in the special Forum-- In the Japan LED screen industry lecture, he shared his professional opinions on opening up the Japanese market with the theme of 'how to open up the Japanese market' and added more international voices to this special forum. In addition, domestic big coffee- Professor Li Chao will also hold a special forum during the exhibition- 'LED Cinema' and 'LED Stereo cinema' briefing session '. Professor Li Chao is a state-owned expert in China's LED industry. He first proposed and laid the principle of large-screen display, and then proposed and laid the principle of LED three-dimensional large-screen, and continuously contributed to LED improvement, many technical difficulties have been solved. The 2018 ISLE exhibition will be held on March 3- On the 6th, it officially kicked off in Area B of Guangzhou canton fair exhibition hall. ISLE exhibition is a good stage for enterprises to display new products and technologies and promote their brands, it is also an important way for users, agents and demanders to understand new products, new technologies and industry trends. International friends have been keenly moving towards ISLE, what are you waiting? For more information, please visit ISLE's official website: http://cn . isle. org. cn/index. Html understanding. Audience appointment registration consultation can be contacted: Miss Li: 020-8926 8248 (Working day)/Mr. Zhang: 020-8926 8292 (Working day).
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