Interpretation of the LED street lamp application pitfalls: yellow light has the ability to penetrate fog? Dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Rumours claim & other; When in the haze weather dispatch LED street light color temperature to 3000 k, can penetrate fog & throughout; 。 Small make up to see this message when heart unavoidably produce doubt, when in the haze weather dispatch color temperature to 3000 k, can penetrate fog, the light directly hit the ground. Is this true? If is just a yellow light can penetrate fog haze, this paper is too far-fetched. If the lights have the ability to penetrate fog haze needs to have, we must from the haze to screen out the principle of the incident light, so that will help us make light has the ability to what kind of people through the haze. Haze, fog is a mixture of fog and haze. Fog is composed of a suspended in the air near the ground aerosol system composed of small water droplets or ice crystals, haze is made up of tiny solid particles. Fog and haze caused a sharp deterioration in visibility, the function of the visible light lighting effect is very serious, even for military visible and invisible light also produces serious influence, especially in military reconnaissance, the effect also become very poor. What the hell is that aerosols? I don't say it is what the devil here, anyway, we have to remember a concept, namely, aerosol material has two kinds of light absorption and scattering effect can function function. So, when it comes to & other; Haze & throughout; , what the hell is this thing? Then we can think this & other; Haze & throughout; Is really a ghost! Haze is aerosol stained with all of nature can be infected with the impurities. Nature of the content of impurities content is too big, but then again, if aerosols including clean impurities of nature, while the light is a shielding effect, but at least people breathe with the nature of the fog to form the haze of harmless, instead, let a person took a haze, feel refreshed. In the industrialized world of fog, the haze is not a good thing! The harm of human body, it is clear to all the pollution to the environment, skip. So, how big is the influence of light? Not give the formula to calculate the accurate and scientific answers, I can only say that fog contains because of destruction of the environment, environmental degradation and produce the haze in the mass, source of impurities is very complicated! Have smoke, dust, floats, such as three types of impurities, the several kinds of impurity in the segmentation is very complicated! Such as & other; Dust & throughout; , metals, mineral powder, powder, chemical powder & hellip; … These impurities will not only harm the respiratory tract, or aerosol optical absorption & other; An accomplice & throughout; 。 So, now it is time to say to this damn fog light effect how? What is the principle? Aerosols, shown is a dense crystal, when the light through a myriad of crystal, in addition to have light blocking effect, the damn aerosol crystals will produce light absorption, aerosol scattering characteristics of light penetration. ( Just said aerosols have two features) If any open trucks experience or sitting on the tall and big cars, mercedes-benz in the fog of the night, and you have a big car to have replaced the LED street lamp on the road, in the fast lane, because of your car, you will see the lights of biggest is no & other; Infrared light & throughout; 、“ Ultraviolet light & throughout; Light emitting Angle of the diagonal lines. Diagonal lines and form a slope, you can't see the road, In addition, when the road lighting is two-way road lighting conditions on both sides of the cloth lamp) Anyway, let's LED rhetorics of & other; Green, environmental protection & throughout; Refers to those features? Is no & other; Infrared light & throughout; 、“ Ultraviolet light & throughout; ( Is described at the time, but at the moment of leds have & other; Green, environmental protection & throughout; The requirements of! ) Saying is no infrared light, I would agree with this, because, 14 look before most of the manufacturers made of LED street light, need is red, not to believe you can ask your company's technical staff, can also ask for chip production or packaging of large. Exactly, the infrared and ultraviolet light in haze weather have a certain ability to penetrate, LED to you & other; Green, environmental protection & throughout; Concept in real application, what makes you say that more penetrating than conventional street lamp to haze? In terms of current LED lights, have a certain ability to penetrate fog not impossible, to achieve the mouth, such as, to circumvent the price subversion reality can do it. That is to say, the LED street lamp to do have certain fog penetration, improve and light color saturation, give a person the haze weather conditions maintain intimacy, R9 value cannot be ignored. There is more to the point, to light through the fog haze, must have good infrared light, ultraviolet light, the light is to overcome the haze. LED street lamps, has a set of light Angle, most of the projection on the pavement, besides, now is not the application of color temperature variable concept? So, the light is variable line not line? Can do it! For example, no fog weather normal LED light, fog weather enable infrared light, ultraviolet light to assist illume. Sources of China's semiconductor lighting network
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