Integrated solar street light to fail for a long time

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

integrated solar street lamps fail reason for a long time, powerful typhoon log in our country continuously in recent years, brought by the powerful typhoon damage is also huge, houses collapsed, sea water, the trees are broken, so in this case how to guarantee the damage as small as possible, do it today by specializing in the production of integrated solar street light lamp manufacturers to explain to you how to make the integration of solar street lamps' standing '.

in the integration of solar street light system, the structure of a problem that is important is the wind resistance design. Wind resistance design consists of two large, one for the wind resistance design for the solar cell components, the wind resistant design for 2. Light pole.

, the wind resistant design for solar energy battery components support

on the basis of the technical parameters of battery components manufacturer data, solar energy battery components can bear the wind pressure for Pa. If selected for the m/s wind resistance coefficient ( Typhoon is equivalent to ten levels) , according to the non viscous fluid mechanics, battery components of wind pressure only Pa. So the component itself is completely can withstand without damage to the m/s wind speed. So, the key is to consider in the design of battery components support connection with light pole.

in the battery components in the design of street lamp system were used with light pole connection design of bolt fixed connection.

, light pole, wind resistance design of the

request we must use iron hard material, called light pole wind resistance design principle for diamond Angle. This does not make the wind damage to light pole directly.

we hope that the above about the integration of solar street light is not the cause of the problem can help to you for a long time, want to know more about information integration of solar street lamps of friends can call contact us according to our phone, also can pay attention to our website in understand more information related to the integration of solar street lamps, have intention to buy integrated solar street light friends are welcome to call the service hotline to come to consult. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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