Integrated solar street light has simple structure and convenient installation dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Both scenery complementary lighting and solar lighting, or is the integration of solar street lights are good, they are all of the energy conservation and environmental protection products, but compared with the former two integrated solar street lamps, its light structure is relatively simple, although is to install the battery, solar panel, controller, lamps and lanterns, but the integration of solar street lamps will these systems are installed in the uniformly in the lamp holder. Integrated solar street lights maintenance also need not so complicated, other lights will need to send someone to do local inspection, maintenance process is relatively complex, if parts did not bring it again until they get together can, it will waste of time, and the integration of solar street lights will only need to unload the lamp holder, return to factory maintenance, is not a waste of time and simple. What is the old street lamp installation, general is to stick, dug, take up the local farmers, it is easy to cause the contradiction between engineering and villagers, and the amount of time for a long time, don't bargain. The use of integrated solar street lamp, its installation now can save a lot of trouble, just dig a hole can be installed without shop line, can also be installed on the existing poles and wall support, greatly reduce the construction process.
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