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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Shaft is the major solar garden light to form a very important part of, so what kind of material used in the courtyard light pole surface is better? Solar garden light pole figure roughly three, one is aluminum courtyard lights, one is iron courtyard lamp, still have a kind of common steel garden light, these three technology, abrasive, the construction period, complex degree of different, determines their effect is also different. Did not say what kind of material is the best, this is to consider the feelings of the customer, choose the best material. If the customer like the Europe type, then selected cast aluminum and cast iron. If the customer pay attention to the strong and quality of solar garden light, then resolutely choose the steel material yard lamp. Why do you want to choose the material according to the requirements of garden light? Which brings us from the solar garden light work and firmly, analyze on the price. First of all, from the work of solar garden light cast aluminum and cast iron works much more complex than the steel material, analyzes this problem with aluminum. Aluminum be burned into liquid first, and then by special abrasive liquid into type, middle will be carving a variety of decorative pattern on aluminum rod, awaiting the galvanized coating after drying. The construction period and complicated degree more than iron and steel material. And steel material is using steel plate after cone plate shearing machine cut into the required, and then through a roll into a light pole plate bending rolls, through welding, grinding and other processes will be beautiful again, after the completion of the galvanized coating. Followed by it being very low boiling point of aluminum, strong flexibility, high temperature easy to deformation, relatively, compared with the steel being slightly worse. Generally not recommended in windy areas. And steel materials can increase the wall thickness, high stability, strong support, was as high as 36 km/s, seismic 8. More than 8. Finally the solar garden light price, cast aluminum complex production process, the high cost of materials, such as some strange shape advantage, so the price is relatively higher than the steel material yard lamp - 3 times 6 times, it is very normal. In modelling, cast aluminum courtyard lamp also is not necessarily the most beautiful and strange, iron and steel materials of landscape garden light is also very beautiful. According to the work of solar garden light, robustness, and the comprehensive analysis of price, want to get the most suitable for solar garden light, must according to your request, choose good material.
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