In led solar street lamps procurement 'fishy' relatively a lot

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
Led solar street light as municipal engineering, especially in our country that doesn't belong to any individual business, it only serves the masses, the implementation of less than a person's vital interests, then the middle by the operating space is relatively large. That's why the price difference is very big, different materials, different vendors, different middlemen and quality are the factors affect the price of solar energy. Cut corners in the solar street light is used to the industry, market price under the condition of transparent only for minor can figure. Low power and invalid piece is used normally, even paper fraud, wait until the real power generation efficiency of the discount on discount. This would require the manufacturer to pay more attention to in the process of cooperation, solar street lamps use all can identify the quality of the technology. With the development of the society, the improvement of technical level, the higher pursuit of people's life, the solar energy the new energy products are more used to our life, for the procurement of led solar street lamps, also pay attention to identify, don't choose the inferior products.
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