In 2017, the LED market continued to fight fiercely After the vehicle application became a pure lan

In 2017, the LED market continued to fight fiercely. After the vehicle application became a 'pure land'

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-16
Last year, the traditional LED industry performed poorly due to imbalance of supply and demand and price competition. Although it gradually got rid of the trough this year, the overall industrial market conditions are still grim. Looking forward to the LED market in 2017, Riya chemical, a big LED manufacturer, said that the merger and acquisition mode of enterprises will become a trend and will present the situation of Evergrande, the bigger one. In terms of technology, due to the imbalance between supply and demand and the price competition in the traditional LED industry last year, the performance is not satisfactory. Although this year has gradually got rid of the trough, the overall industrial market conditions are still grim. Looking forward to the LED market in 2017, Riya chemical, a major LED manufacturer, said that the merger and acquisition mode of enterprises will become a trend, showing the situation of Evergrande, the bigger one. In terms of technology, at present, many Taiwanese factories have been transferred to the Blue Ocean market to counter the threat of land factories. Japan and Asia stressed that only by improving the creation of high value-added products can they jump off price competition. In the future, it is especially optimistic about the development of smart lighting such as LED, laser and UV fields with high technical needs, as well as humanized lighting and plant lighting. In addition, this year coincides with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Japanese Association. The general manager of Taiwan's Japan and Asia, Dai Zhenjia, also officially met with the media for the first time. Japan and Asia also said that they will continue to deepen the Taiwan market; And the goal is to continue to actively invest in research and development and equipment investment in 2017, and strive to achieve double-digit growth next year. In 2017, market consolidation and competition continued, and the rise of alternative technologies seized the blue ocean Market. As the fourth quarter of 2016 draws to a close, looking back at this year's LED market conditions, although the market was looking forward to a recovery at the beginning of the year, the LED industry was still oversupplied, lighting brand factories are fiercely competitive, and major manufacturers have adjusted their product lines to stabilize profits. It is generally believed that because the Chinese government's subsidy policy for the LED industry is expected to end, the situation of excessive competition tends to ease, and some LED manufacturers adjust their production lines to have certain effects on price decline, however, the overall industry in 2016 is still as severe as the 2015. In the face of imbalance between supply and demand, the tide of consolidation continues, market analysis, the future LED industry through corporate mergers and acquisitions and other organizational reforms, will present a big Evergrande situation, it is expected that the future corporate mergers and acquisitions model will become a trend. Looking forward to 2017, Japan and Asia said that although the overall market has grown, the LCD backlight and lighting market conditions continue to be sluggish. Mainland LED packaging factories continue to release expansion plans to compete in the market with low-price lighting products, or to actively try to obtain patents and technology to break through overseas markets, it shows the red supply chain's attempt to dominate the LED industry. Faced with the frequent threats from land factories, Japan and Asia said that many Taiwan factories have successively transferred to markets with blue sea business opportunities such as vehicles and UV. Only by betting more efforts on research and development can they provide high value-added products, in order to respond to the threat of land price war. The latter piece of pure land has a high-tech victory over the car application market. Riya said that the car market is different from the traditional application lighting market and is regarded as the latter piece of pure land. LED manufacturers have set the car LED as the transformation goal. In the future, Japan and Asia are particularly optimistic about vehicle-mounted LED with high-tech demand, especially LED or laser LED with adaptive lamp system with light distribution adjustment, or daytime running lamp (DRL)Use LED and other products. According to the new 2016 lighting market report, the four major special commercial lighting markets are gradually getting attention, so Japan and Asia are also quite optimistic about the business opportunities in the special lighting market. For example, the part of intelligent lighting is expected to gradually evolve from pure luminous lighting to people-oriented humanized lighting. For example, products such as smart lighting that adjust the color temperature function according to the operation of the human physiological clock are expected to increase gradually in the future. In addition, due to the abnormal warming climate, the demand for various ecological applications is increasing, and the prospect of the plant lighting market has also received much attention. In addition, laser and UV- The LED market is also gradually receiving attention. Japan and Asia said that laser and UV- The use of LED is expected to expand day by day, such as laser applied to lamps, large-size televisions and projectors; UV- In addition to the general industrial use of LED, the trend of applying its sterilization function to household electrical appliances such as air cleaners or air conditioners is expected to become increasingly popular.
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