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How to develop the fierce competition in LED industry?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-30
The LED industry is still growing rapidly. As the country gradually banned the sale of incandescent lamps in the 2014 s and switched to the use of more energy-saving energy-saving lamps, the competition in the LED industry will become increasingly fierce, in this complex environment, what should enterprises take to ensure their unbeaten position. Is it the declining product price in the LED industry? Experience tells us that there is always only one way to take the price Road, that is, the dead end. In today's LED market, which way should we take? Combination boxing: Although the core technology of LED is basically abroad, we don't have to have good technology, as long as we have good products, we can import chips from abroad, then export a good combination of products in large quantities to seek to become bigger and stronger. We will develop our own core technologies after we have accumulated certain funds. Service awareness: professional and excellent pre-sales and after-sales service can not only make customers feel the experience of the company's products, but also enhance the company's brand image to a certain extent. In addition to the quality of the company's products, a good reputation requires a certain degree of professional services. Market Development: In addition to customers who already have needs, we should continue to tap the market to actively discover and mobilize the needs of potential customers in addition to their needs, and actively develop their demand psychology, so as to enlarge the market and ensure the market's demand for products. Technological innovation: it can be regarded as important. In a company, no matter how good your service is, how good the marketing personnel are to create a good market demand for you, the final customer will choose your products, what is needed is the quality of the product, the uniqueness of the product in this market, and the core technology that you cannot be replaced. Others can quickly copy your service and copy your marketing, but it is not easy to copy your technology so quickly.
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