General led solar street light bright is the controller or no battery

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-07
General led solar street light is concentrated in the condition of light controller is broken or the battery is broken, broken led lamp holder is less, the damage to the panels are less. If the problem is the controller, screening method is we use a voltmeter to measure the voltage and battery voltage panels. If there is a sun in the daytime of panels more than 12 v voltage panels, there is no problem, if the battery voltage is explained in more than 10 v battery is normal, then we can consider to change a new controller to see, and after the change of solar street light is explained in the 1 to 2 natural lighting in the future is the problem of controller, general panels and the battery is normal without light is small, if we measured the voltage of the panels during the day, less than 10 v, so we need to check panel wire is good, if there is a connection is in good condition, but or low voltage panels, this could be the panels. But appear such circumstance is very few, mostly still focus on the led solar street light on the battery, the battery voltage is lower than 10 v, generally it is the first choice is the controller battery discharge problem that caused loss of electricity and not charge in time, the second is the battery quality, the use of long time lead to too much resistance, already can't normal charge and discharge. In short if the lamps and lanterns is not bright we preferred drug in controller, if it is found that solar led street light for a long period of time not bright then we suggest replace the battery.
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