'Double Eleven' drives China's LED bulb prices to fall sharply

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-21
According to the research institution Jibang technology (TrendForce) According to a survey on the retail price of its LEDinside new LED bulbs, in October 2014, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40W dropped by about 6 to 13. $3; The average price of LED bulbs replacing 60W dropped by 3 to 17. Six dollars. In order to welcome the double eleven shopping festival, Chinese manufacturers have lowered their product prices and hit sales, which has become a big drop in the price of bulb lamps this month. Replacing the 40W commodity part, the October price in the UK is 1. 4 A small increase, most product prices remain stable, and a small number of product prices have been raised. For example, Philips7W bulb lamp, the luminous flux is 470LM, and the price was raised to 28 in October. $6. American area following the September a present 14. After a sharp rise, the price in October showed 13. A drop of 8. Christmas is approaching, hypermarkets such as HomeDepot are preparing for promotional activities, and the prices of bulb lamps of CREE, Philips, GE, EcoSmart and other brands have all declined. Such as GE9W bulb lamp, luminous flux 450LM, price from 42. $99 fell to 16. $3. The price of the German region was 13 after September. 1 after a sharp decline, prices continued to show a downward trend in October, but the decline slowed down to 6. 1. Prices of well-known brands including Philips, Osram, LG and Samsung have all declined. Among them, Samsung's decline is more obvious, such as its 6. 2 W, 7. Both 5W products showed a large decline, which is expected to be related to Samsung's withdrawal from the LED lighting finished product market. The average price of goods that replaced 40W in Japan showed a sharp drop of 9. Most of the original commodity prices have declined, and some commodity prices have fallen significantly. For example, Mitsubishi 8 W, 500LM, the price dropped to 5. 88 US dollars; Toshiba 7. 7 W, 485LM, the price dropped to 4. 74 US dollars, both of which have fallen by more than half. China was the region where the price of bulb lamps fell sharply in October, with a drop of 17. 5%. 5. The prices of most products have declined, and the prices of a few products have fallen sharply. The above instant lighting 6. The price of 5W dimmable or non-dimmable bulb lamps has dropped by more than half. Prices in China have dropped significantly, and many manufacturers have lowered their product prices to prepare for the Chinese double eleven traditional shopping festival; The price fluctuations of bulb lamps in South Korea and Taiwan are relatively small, and price changes are mainly caused by exchange rate changes. Replacing the 60W commodity part, the prices of most of the original commodities in the UK remained stable in September after a relatively large decline in October. The price in the United States is 1. 0 fell slightly, most product prices remained stable, and the Christmas promotion had little effect on replacing the price of 60W products. Germany in October a price continue to maintain September a of decreased trend decline up to 6. 1. The prices of some well-known brands such as Verbatim, Philips, Panasonic and LG continued to decline. For example, Philips12W, 806LM, the price dropped to 7. $1; Verbatim10W, 820LM, price dropped to 6. 7 US dollars, both of which fell by more than 30%. Prices in China showed 10. In October. 3 fell sharply, the double eleven promotion activities caused manufacturers to adjust the price to rush sales. The above instant lighting 9. 5W bulb lamp, luminous flux 810LM, price dropped to 2. $1, a drop of more than half. Price fluctuations in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan are relatively small, and price changes are mainly caused by exchange rate changes. LEDinside observed that with three months ago (July) Compared with the data, the average price of replacing 40W bulb decreased by 8. 5%. 7, replace the 60W ball bubble average price drop of 8. 1. According to the previous law, the average price reduction of replacing 60W bulbs is generally higher than 40 W, while the price in October is faster than that in the past three months than that in replacing 40W commodities. This is mainly related to the Chinese market. The average price in October was greatly affected by China. During the Double Eleven promotion, most Chinese manufacturers focused on replacing the traditional 40W bulb.
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