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Demand for LED bulbs increases annually in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
LEDinside, a subsidiary of TrendForce, a market research organization, said that with the decline in LED prices and the increase in LED lighting efficiency year by year, the recovery cycle of purchase costs has been significantly shortened, the willingness to drive commercial and public sectors to replace lamps has been greatly improved, and the LED light source replacement tide has been officially started. Among them, replacement light source products such as bulb lamps and lamps are popular in the market. LEDinside estimates that compared with 2013, the demand for LED bulb lamps will increase by 86 in 2014, while the demand for LED lamps will increase by 89. LEDinside analyst Wang Ting pointed out that due to the rapid decline in the price of LED lighting products and the stimulation of market demand, various manufacturers continue to introduce various LED lighting products in order to be close to the price of traditional lighting products. Take LED bulb lamps as an example. Compared with 2012, the price of LED bulb lamps has dropped significantly this year, and the price difference between different brands is gradually narrowing. The positive price strategy of first-line manufacturers is expected to bring considerable impetus to the development of LED lighting market, and the demand driven by price stimulus will further ferment in 2014. In addition to the manufacturer's price strategy, the bidding and subsidy policies in various regional markets are of great help to improve the penetration rate of LED lighting. For example, some regions in North America still continue to implement EnergyStar subsidy programs, and the subsidized lamp prices are more acceptable to consumers. In addition, the implementation of incandescent lamp ban policies in various countries has also played a greater role in promoting the development of LED lamps market. In terms of access, the regionalization of lighting is quite obvious. Therefore, the laws and regulations of various countries are different from consumers' usage habits, which also indirectly affect the appearance of sales channels. After LED lighting began to flourish, more and more LED manufacturers also began to enter the lighting market to compete with traditional manufacturers. Whether competing for distributors or directly entering large retail stores, channel management has attracted more and more attention from manufacturers. Therefore, in the rapidly developing LED lighting market, lighting manufacturers have integrated resources and enhanced competitiveness by purchasing channels and technologies. At present, most lighting manufacturers are equipped with various wireless transmission technologies, overall intelligent control technologies, and even Green Building Solutions with various renewable energy sources, so the future business opportunities are quite large. In addition, the promotion of brand image makes it easier for lighting manufacturers to have premium space and get rid of the dilemma of continuous price competition. LEDinside analyst Wang Ting believes that lowering product prices, actively striving for subsidies for bidding cases, vigorously carrying out channel construction, acquiring channels and technologies to enhance competitiveness, promoting intelligent lighting, and enhancing brand impression, etc. , or 2013 ~ Major development strategies of lighting manufacturers in 2014.
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