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CSAResearch: LED lamp price rebound Channel diversification development

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-16
In 2014, China's semiconductor lighting industry still maintained a rapid growth trend. The LED lighting market performed brilliantly. Various new technologies were gradually approaching. Beyond lighting and innovative applications came one after another. However, the industry reshuffle and the adjustment of the strong and strong pattern continued. Entering the 2015 s, under the general environment of steady growth and structural adjustment of the country, with economic growth entering a new normal, the National layout LED by the Belt and Road Initiative has provided new and huge development opportunities for the development of LED industry. The overall growth of enterprises represented by listed companies has been steady and has achieved a jubilant start-up. CSAResearch pointed out that in 2015, many enterprises continued to make efforts to build channels. In addition to comprehensively spreading traditional sales channels such as stores, direct stores and specialty stores, they also began to try to develop diversified channels. Tongfang, NVC, Opal, Zhou minghanyuan and other enterprises have achieved certain performance results in e-commerce channels by virtue of their scale and capital advantages. On this basis, the O2O comprehensive mode, which integrates offline physical stores and online sales, is becoming a new channel mode. At the same time, in 2014, in order to occupy a place in the future lighting market, lighting enterprises have carried out enclosure movement through price strategy, which is reflected in the price of products. The price of LED bulb lamps has dropped by about throughout the year, it reached an all-time low in December. However, in 2015, the price of LED bulb lamps began to rise. According to the statistics on the price of LED bulb lamps sold by many e-commerce platforms, the price of 3WLED bulb lamps rose by about 20 at the end of March compared with the end of 2014. Figure 1. 2014- March 2015 LED bulb lamp e-commerce price trend data source: CSAResearch collates CSAResearch believes that after a certain degree of price recovery, it is expected that the price of ordinary LED lighting products will remain relatively stable in the future, however, with a large number of intelligent lighting products with more functions on the market, it is possible to rapidly raise the overall price of LED lighting products.
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