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COB light source prospect broad become manufacturer hotly contested spot

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-18
Generally speaking, commercial places have higher requirements for the display of lighting products, illuminance, color temperature, luminous efficiency, etc, because high-quality lighting effect can improve the grade of goods and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. With the rise of LED lighting, especially COB light sources, its lighting application products have rapidly emerged in the commercial field and become the dominant light source in various windows. Compared with ordinary LED light source, first, COB light source can uniformly emit light to solve the spot problem and effectively carry out secondary optical matching, which is more suitable for the application requirements of key lighting in commercial places; Second, COB light source has obvious advantages in heat dissipation performance, which can meet the lighting requirements of commercial fields for a long time; Third, COB light source can change the light area and external dimensions to meet the diversified and personalized appearance requirements of lighting products in commercial places. Therefore, COB has also become a battleground for LED packaging enterprises in the past two years. Major international manufacturers are even trying to open the gap with domestic enterprises with COB products with high quality and high luminous efficiency and seize a large market share. However, the COB light source product developed by the domestic flip-chip technology enterprise Jingke electronics with mature flip-chip welding and gold-free wire packaging technology has the technical advantages of high reliability, low thermal resistance, high current use, uniform light color, etc, light quality enjoyment and market competitiveness brought to the commercial field. It is understood that Jingke has launched COB products in the first two years, but it is only applied to conventional projection lamp products such as commercial lighting and hotel lighting, this year, a series of products with small luminous surface and large luminous flux output will be launched, of which 5050 and 7070 are the main products. COB products with small power, I . e. less than 12 W, will go in two directions. The two products 5050 and 7070 are mainly aimed at domestic customers; Products with small luminous surface and high luminous flux are exported to the lighting market, and are mostly concentrated in the North American market. Although the product has just been put into the market for a short time, the response from the market is relatively enthusiastic. District WeiNeng, director of Jingke electronic products, revealed that the entire COB line has reached a production capacity of 5KK/month, after all, the capacity of low power and high power is quite different. In addition, it is also better in terms of customer feedback. The feedback points are mainly concentrated in two aspects: first, compared with traditional light sources, it can achieve smaller volume; Second, it is used to replace light sources such as metal halide lamps and halogen lamps, which will have obvious advantages in terms of service life. In fact, in the early stage of research and development, Jingke electronics also encountered some thorny problems. Since COB is used in tube spotlights, it is necessary to solve the supporting problems such as optical angle and reflective cup, in order to achieve better lighting effect, we spend more time in this aspect of development. Ou WeiNeng said frankly. He further added that because customers are accustomed to the light color of traditional metal halide lamps in application, the lighting effect of the light color imitated by LED is different from that of metal halide lamps, in the future, Jingke will focus on improving light quality and light color, cooperate with customers to optimize products, and also make some customized products. Because the application products are special, and users have different preferences for light beams and colors, they also have different requirements for products. At the same time, Jingke also pays attention to close contact with customers, and further improves products through customer feedback to meet market and user needs. After LED enters the field of lighting, universal products such as bulb lamp, flat panel lamp and lamp tube have come to a relatively mature stage of technology, but COB is still in the stage of increasing the application ratio, its market increment will increase significantly in the next two years. Obviously different from medium and small power LED, LED will be standardized, while COB, on the contrary, will be customized and personalized, and the overall market usage will gradually increase. Ou WeiNeng is optimistic about the future prospects of COB products.
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