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Can LED bulbs be used to replace 40 watt traditional incandescent bulbs?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-04
At present, there are many LED bulbs on the market that can be used to replace 40-watt traditional incandescent bulbs. Do you believe it? If nothing else, just say the luminous flux. Is it true that these LED bulbs can replace 40-watt traditional incandescent bulbs, as claimed by various manufacturers? Or, to put it another way: How bright is the LED bulb to replace the traditional 40-watt incandescent lamp? How much does it take to replace the brightness of the traditional 40W incandescent lamp? Which LED bulbs really meet the brightness requirements? We know that the efficiency of traditional light sources such as incandescent lamps is about 11 to 12 lumens per watt, which means that the brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb should be at least 450 lumens. However, the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries all have requirements for replacing traditional light sources with LED lighting, among which the requirement for LED bulbs replacing traditional 40-watt incandescent lamps is between 450 and 485 lumens. Therefore, if we examine the LED bulb lamps on the market, we can find that many commodities claim to be able to replace the traditional 40W bulbs in their advertisements. However, if we carefully look at the specifications, we can find that, in fact, from 485lm to 340lm, there are different specifications. Some manufacturers believe that the luminous flux of LED is Directional. In some cases, for example, a desk lamp with a limited illumination range can replace a 40-watt White-baked bulb with an LED bulb with more than three hundred lumens. There is a big difference in the brightness requirements of LED bulbs used to replace 40-watt traditional incandescent bulbs among different brands or commodities. Therefore, the reporter examined the brightness specifications of representative LED bulb manufacturers, and the following is our discovery only for the luminous flux: the brightness of LED bulbs replaced by 40-watt bulbs by major manufacturers: european and American manufacturers, first of all, let's take a look at European and American lighting manufacturers such as Philips (Philips)General Electric (GE) The two companies claim LED bulbs equivalent to 40W traditional bulbs, including Philips's 8-watt MasterLEDbulb and GE's 8-watt model 62180 LED bulbs, brightness is 470 lumens and 450 lumens respectively, which meet the brightness requirements of substitution. Japanese big factory, let's take a look at the Japanese big factory that is meticulous and rigorous. Sure enough, whether it is Toshiba (Toshiba)7. 2 Watt LDA7L or Sharp (Sharp)7. 8 Watt DL- LA42L, its product brightness specifications are also up to 485 lumens, in line with the guideline specifications of the Japan Electric ball Industry Association. And Toshiba's is warm white light (Electric ball color)Sharp is the same. South Korea's big factory, let's look at the Korean big factory lejin (LG)With Samsung. First of all, we are looking at Le Jin, who has been quite active in LED lighting layout recently. In May, the company introduced models LB08D830L0A and 7 for replacing 40W incandescent lamps. 5 w led bulb. After inspection, it was found that the result also lived up to expectations. The luminous flux was 485 lumens, which met the specifications. Then there is the Korean factory Samsung, which is currently outstanding in many aspects. We are a little surprised at this time, which claims to replace 40W incandescent lamp 4. The brightness specifications of 4 Watt commodities are 270 lumens of warm white light and 320 lumens of cold white light respectively. Compared with other international first-line manufacturers, the brightness specifications are also much worse? I didn't expect such a big gap in numerical cognition to happen to such a representative manufacturer. Other manufacturers, in addition, other manufacturers, including EcoSmart, Leon and FeitElectric, have also introduced LED bulbs that claim to replace 40W incandescent lamps, including Ecosmart's 8. 6 watt LED bulb ( Model: ECS19WW120) , LEDON's 6W products, and FeitElectric's 6. 5 watt LED bulb (A19/HP/LED).
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