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All kinds of chaos in LED lighting industry in 2014

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-27
Solutions help product marketing and service optimization enterprises; LED is trapped in a low-cost Whirlpool, which is difficult to break; Enterprises should not be partial to export transcripts, break through the regulations to be winners: Chaos! Chaos! All kinds of chaos in the disorderly Lighting Industry 2014 Opal lighting national dealer conference comments: lighting solutions are unstoppable. As a good figure in traditional lighting, Opal lighting is beyond the reach of other enterprises in the industry with its dense network of terminal channels. Its distributors go deep into major cities in the country and even extend their tentacles to county-level markets. The huge distributor channels are an important guarantee for Opal lighting to stand firm in the market for many years. In 2014, the LED lighting industry will enter the LED lighting era in a chaotic way. All enterprises will recruit soldiers and show their unique ways to carry out the market layout. There is no denying that traditional channels will still create more competitive advantages for enterprises, however, as Ding Long mentioned in this meeting, facing the changing industry changes in 2013, Opal commercial lighting has changed from product marketing to scheme marketing, quickly create professional lighting solutions that combine products with design. In the future, lighting solutions will be widely used and have unlimited prospects. Due to the plasticity of LED light source, it is a lighting solution in itself. What's more, nowadays users pay more attention to differentiation and customization. Lighting enterprises naturally need to keep pace with the times and focus on products, grasp the solution with one hand. So far, the solution still exists in commercial lighting, and commercial lighting customers also pay more attention to the overall lighting solution. Therefore, suppliers with high brand awareness, high cost performance and rich series of products have put forward overall lighting solutions to open up the LED lighting market. At present, Philips, GE, Osram, Jiuzhou Optoelectronics, Thorne, Opal lighting and other enterprises have put forward concepts such as system professional lighting solutions and one-stop solutions, hoping to win the favor of users. At this stage, what enterprises need to do is not only to sell lamps, but also to provide technical support in the whole application of products and provide customers with more optimized systems. Heavy good news: LED will condescend to lower your grounding gas. Comments: condescend to lower your grounding gas is hurting people's hearts because of low price competition. Every year at the end of the year, it is the off-season of LED lighting market. This year, there is a phenomenon that the off-season is not light. This has triggered the recent overall change in the LED sector, and the high growth expectations given by major research institutions have made the industry full of confidence in the LED lighting market in 2014. The reason is related to the sharp drop in the price of LED lighting products. At the same time, the quotation for mainstream white LED products in 2014 continued to decline, with 36-50 lumens of light bulbs fell 6,120- 140 lumens of bulbs fell 3, the price of LED lighting products has been very close to the price of incandescent lamps, close to the sweet point. According to a survey by relevant reporters, from a fundamental point of view, the growth of LED lighting is obvious, mainly due to the decline in prices, the maturity of market acceptance, the strong willingness of manufacturers to promote, and the acceleration of LED channel reform, it provides a new increment for the large-scale sales of LED lighting products. This may be good news for the market. However, on the other hand, there has also been a situation of low-price competition and vicious competition in the market, which has seriously harmed the development of the industry. At present, many LED enterprises have forgotten the price of LED products in order to grab market share. Under the vicious competition, it is inevitable that the goods produced will be priced, making consumers complain. In order to promote the healthy development of the industry in the future, only when enterprises and consumers agree with the value of LED and naturally accept the corresponding price can LED be prevented from hurting people with grounding gas, you can't rely on low prices to win the market.
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