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2013 Turkey international LED Show

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-10
Turkey international LED Exhibition (Led & ledlight) It is a professional LED application exhibition in Turkey. The products on display include LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, LED display screens, LED advertising products and decorative products, and LED components. The Turkish LED market has been monopolized by the country for many years. The exhibition is a professional LED exhibition in Turkey. It was previously refused to participate by Chinese manufacturers. It has only been open to Chinese exhibitors in recent years! Zip Optoelectronics seized this opportunity and participated in the 2013 Turkish international LED exhibition for the first time in September 26-29, 2013, aiming to further develop Turkey and its surrounding markets. Although it is the first time to participate, the strength of zipu Optoelectronics cannot be underestimated. Most of the exhibitions are local exhibitors in Turkey. Chipp Optoelectronics is one of the few Chinese exhibitors. Its products are: P8DIP great white shark, P4. 8 Little Swan box, P16 double maintenance box and P16 hollow screen. Chip optoelectronics in B- On the 255 Booth, the exhibition hall is a large one. The layout of the exhibition hall is simple and atmospheric, the vision is wide, the display effect is outstanding, and the screen splicing gap is small, attracting countless customers to stop and watch and consult, become the highlight of this exhibition. LED display screen is in the early stage of development in Turkey and has great market potential. Turkey's official language is Turkish, and only a small number of people can speak English, but this cannot shake the strong belief of the Chipps. Although the language is not clear, Qi Pu's strong strength, excellent quality and enthusiastic service can be deeply realized by participating customers. The lack of language can't stop communication. It is with this tenacity that the zipu people have worked hard all the way in overseas markets to achieve the brilliant bloom of zipu in foreign markets. Chipp Optronics has more than 3000 overseas cases, Singapore TV, newly added floating led display screens, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Russia, AT&T, Spain, Czech Republic, Paris, Germany, Poland, africa Gambia, Nigeria, Colombia, Aruba and other parts of the world have the blooming of Chipp optoelectronic products, sharing the wonderful vision brought by LED!
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