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'Zhongzhao Tongming' engineering enterprise consortium purchases outdoor lighting

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-21
Announcement on procurement of outdoor lamps by 'Zhongzhao Tongming' Engineering Enterprise Consortium I. Contents package of joint procurement of outdoor lamps 1: LED wall washing lamps, LED floodlights and LED floodlights of various common specifications package 2: various common specifications LED point light source, LED patch light bar, LED guardrail tube package 3: various common specifications LED underground lamp, lawn lamp, courtyard lamp description: the products selected this time are suitable for the products needed by landscape lighting engineering, the participating enterprises can choose all or part of the products in one package number, or choose the products in different package numbers but should not exceed three; The common specifications of the products to be elected should not exceed 12. The selected enterprises will sign a 'warehousing supply' agreement with the joint procurement service center. Note: for manufacturing companies interested in participating in the election, please call the recruitment office to make an appointment ( The registered capital of the participating enterprises shall not be less than 1 million yuan; Agents and dealers will not be accepted for registration) The pre-qualified enterprises will obtain the selection documents free of charge, and the lamp specifications are required to be described in detail in the selection documents. Second, the selection of outdoor lighting instructions in the light (Beijing) The joint procurement service center is a group-type joint procurement service organization jointly established by many industry veterans, industry experts, lighting agencies and lighting engineering construction/design units. The joint procurement service center is the initiator and organization unit of the joint procurement of engineering lighting, and is also the preferred bidding agency for lighting products with the participation of relevant member procurement units. The joint procurement service center adheres to the principle of 'openness, fairness, justice and Sunshine' and organizes the recruitment and selection of lighting engineering products for a long time to establish a stable and high-quality 'agreement product procurement management Library ', it is convenient for member purchasing units to select the required products through the 'purchasing library' in real time according to the needs of the project, and effectively optimize the purchasing channels and purchasing costs of each member purchasing unit; Improve the timeliness and transparency of procurement management of each member unit. 'Zhongzhao Tongming' has jointly purchased more than 50 member procurement units (Engineering Enterprise). The 'functional lighting products Joint Procurement Management Library' has been initially built, and the warehousing products include: LED street lamps, LED fluorescent lamps, LED downlights, LED tunnel lamps, LED bulbs and other products. The joint procurement contract suppliers mainly include: Heshan Yinyu, qinshang Optoelectronics, Shenzhen Jiawei, Chengdu Dongxu, Dongguan Jieda, Changzhou Mingxi (Wan Jiayao) , Shanghai Bailang, Beijing vision Union and other professional production enterprises. At this stage, the joint procurement group is planning to build a 'joint procurement management Library' for outdoor lighting projects. Through public recruitment, a number of contracted suppliers are preferred. For specific products, please refer to 'joint procurement of outdoor lamps and lanterns'. Joint procurement method 1. When member procurement units formally place orders, the joint procurement order confirmation form issued by the Joint Procurement Service center shall be confirmed with relevant agreement suppliers respectively. 2. The contracted supply enterprise and the member Procurement Unit conduct direct transactions according to the internal agreement rules of the joint purchase, that is, the two parties directly handle the settlement and supply of the ticket, without any intermediate links; III. Qualification requirements of the supply enterprise 1. The supply enterprise must be a product manufacturer legally registered within the territory of the People's Republic of China; Must have certain design, production and manufacturing capabilities, and the selected products must be produced and manufactured by the supplier itself; 2. The supply enterprise must have the qualification of independent legal person and its registered capital shall not be less than 1 million yuan. 3. The supplier shall have strong research and development and testing capabilities, a perfect quality management system, and advanced production technology and products in the industry. The supplier must have a perfect after-sales service system and capability. 4. The supplier must have the independent trademark of the selected product or the legal right to use the product trademark. A trademark can only be participated by one supplier. 5. Suppliers must abide by relevant national laws and regulations and have good reputation and honest business ethics. 4. Instructions for selection and selection 1. Prequalification: from the date of this announcement, enterprises participating in the election can make an appointment by telephone, the recruitment office of the joint procurement service center will provide the 'registration form' to the applicants in the form of e-mail '. The registration unit fills in the registration form and attaches the relevant qualifications of the Enterprise ( Electronic version of qualification documents such as business license, organization code, tax registration certificate, quality certification, etc) , Sent to the mailbox of the joint procurement service center to participate in the prequalification. 2. Receiving the recruitment documents: the applicants who have passed the pre-qualification will receive the electronic version of the 'recruitment documents' free of charge. Lamp specifications are described in detail in the recruitment documents. 3. Submission of election documents: After receiving the election documents, the supplier shall prepare the election documents according to the document requirements. After the preparation of the election documents is completed, the electronic version of the election documents shall be submitted to the mailbox of the election office of the joint procurement service center. The deadline for the election is clearly defined in the recruitment documents. 4. Selection method: This selection adopts collective appraisal and comprehensive comparison. The recruitment office of the joint procurement service center will review the election documents submitted by the enterprise with relevant member procurement units and relevant professionals; The selected units will sign a 'warehousing supply' agreement with the joint procurement service center. Affirmation: the joint procurement body will not charge any form of fees for the registered enterprises and the contracted enterprises. V. Contact Information Contact: director Liu (Recruitment Office)Telephone: 010- 52428920 15810099756 mailbox: zztm888 @ 126. com zztmbj @126. com (Standby) Address: 613, No. 5 jiachuang Road, optoelectronic integration industrial base, Yizhuang Development Zone, Beijing- Room 01 friendly reminder: due to network problems or mail transmission errors, the joint purchase service center may not be able to receive the relevant enterprise registration information in time. Therefore, we suggest that when the registration enterprise sends the registration information, A copy of the relevant documents can be copied to the standby mailbox. Joint procurement recruitment agency: Zhongzhao Tongming (Beijing)Joint Procurement Service Center
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